“For now it remains in its place” – Corriere.it

from Stefania Chiale The case entrusted to the regional Parliament after the motion of censure presented by the opposition. Day afternoon face to face between the governor and the new councilor for security: every suspended decision, the most appropriate seat is the regional council Nothing decided,for now the councilor for security, Romano La Russa, remains … Read more

Scarred and sewn up

news successfully declare war on scars by Ilse Romahn (21.09.2022) No body stays scar free forever. Whether as a result of cuts, skin diseases or operations – the causes for the development of stigmata are diverse. Although scarring is essential – after all, it protects the body from dangerous wound infections – it is not … Read more

What is best after the rate hike?

There is a question that is repeated among Argentine savers every month: should I buy Dollars or invest in pesos? The latest rate adjustments by the Central Bank, associated with a relative calm on the exchange rate, put attractive in placements in pesos, although the persistent doubts about a possible devaluation make this not an … Read more

Effective natural aphrodisiac: When consumed regularly, neither diabetes nor blood pressure remains

Dragon fruit, also known as ‘Pitaya’, draws attention with its appearance and taste. This fruit, which is grown in the Asian continent, has started to be produced in Mersin and Adana in our country. This fruit, which is gradually becoming popular in our society, provides effective results for health. In order for dragon fruit to … Read more

Police: Bone remains at New York construction site of more than ten years of missing Occupy protester | Abroad

The skeletal remains, the body wrapped in a blanket, were found in September 2020 during an excavation at a construction site in the borough of Queens. That it turns out to be Bates, the American police announced on Friday. She was reported missing in April 2012, when she was only 19 years old. She was … Read more

Saturn’s rings may be the remains of an ancient moon that collided with the planet 160 million years ago… Here are the details

A team of scientists recently published a study suggesting that Saturn’s famous rings may be the result of an ancient moon colliding with the planet about 160 million years ago. The study says that the moon, called Chrysalis, orbited the gas giant for several billion years before colliding with it and disintegrating. Scientists from the … Read more

Formula 1 | Ferrari remains united in the difficulty according to Mekies

Faced with Ferrari’s difficulties in recent Grands Prix, against Red Bull and Max Verstappen, Laurent Mekies, the sporting director, was less exposed – and less under pressure – than Mattia Binotto. Nevertheless, the Frenchman remains as aware of the mistakes and largesse committed by the Scuderia this year. Is the problem, however, as Mattia Binotto … Read more