Control: This is how the PS4 and Xbox One games are passed to the Ultimate Edition of PS5 and XSX

The passing of Control, the third-person action adventure with supernatural overtones of Remedy Entertainment, the next generation of consoles is less simple than what we have seen in other cases. The base game will not be upgraded for free at upgraded versions of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, but you need the … Read more

This NEXT GEN game does not fit on a conventional Xbox One disc

By Rodolfo Leon 0 COMMENTS 20/10/2020 6:46 pm Today it is very difficult to have a Xbox without any game requiring an internet connection. In the case of Control: Ultimate Edition It will not be anything different since its developers have confirmed that it will be required to have internet to start the game. Here … Read more

MMS, the false and dangerous remedy against the coronavirus | Barcode

In this barcode program we talk about MMS The chlorine dioxide, that derivative of bleach that is sold in some countries such as Spain as a solution to the coronavirus while waiting for a vaccine to fight it. Substance whose danger has already been alerted by the Ministry of Health and which we also discuss … Read more

Scientists discovered a natural therapeutic remedy against coronavirus

The molecule, called catalase, it is known for its ability to effectively break down hydrogen peroxide, but participates in numerous physiological processes, argues an article recently published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials. The authors are part of an interdisciplinary team, predominantly Chinese, with several collaborators in the US, which carried out several experiments with … Read more

Murderous remedy. Doctors told about the danger of a lack of vitamin B12

Murderous remedy. Doctors told about the danger of a lack of vitamin B12 To keep the body in good shape, the body needs many trace elements and vitamins. One of the most important among them is B12. What is it for and how to get it, the site found out. Scientists have found that … Read more

Simple home remedy for corona? Researchers discover viral loads

Can a simple budget help in the fight against SARS-CoV-2? Research is currently working on a vaccine against the “Covid-19” pathogen “Sars-CoV-2”. However, the scientists are not only working on this, but also on possible drugs against the virus. Several researchers have presented new findings. You have examined a home remedy that is familiar from … Read more

Remedy announces RCU (Remedy Connected Universe), a connected universe for studio licenses – News

During the State of Play on August 6, AWE (Altered World Events), the next expansion for Remedy’s Control game, was surprised to bring back another character from the studio, namely Alan Wake, hero of the eponymous game released for the first time in 2010 on Xbox 360. Indeed, in this new extension, Jesse Faden will … Read more

A 1000-year-old remedy capable of effectively removing antibiotic-resistant biofilms

As deadly bacteria become increasingly resistant to modern antibiotics, some researchers have turned to ancient medical manuscripts for clues and potential ways to fight these deadly bacteria. Now, it seems that a medieval ointment dating from around 1000 years ago could be effective where many modern antibiotics are starting to fail. “The ancient biotic,” as … Read more