“Wedding at first sight”: Agnieszka and Wojtek remember the birth of their daughter. “The second day was worse”

– We’ll tell you that a lot of emotions, a lot of expectations and stress. Although I thought that I would stress less and somehow it would be a more nervous period. And I noticed that when I was acting, when, for example, Aga called me, that her waters had already gone and that we … Read more

Gamvik, Hasvik | Reidar (74) was going to Svein Vegar on Skjånes when he sank outside Slettnes lighthouse: – We will miss, and we will remember

Fishing and crab buyer Svein Vegar Lyder waited for his friend Reidar Nilsen (74) and son Remi André (43) to Skjånes, this year as last year. But this time the man “Svenne” has never known since he himself was 17 years old, and enlisted as a crew on “Jentoft Senior” and “Juna”, together with skipper … Read more

Still remember that day well, “Emmy Morakot” posted a wedding anniversary of “James Jirayut” 7 years, surprised to the point of tears.

called a husband and wife sweet loving wife Even with one child, it is multiplying and increasing. for female stars “Emmy Morakot” and husband “James Jirayut Sangthaveep” The latest date and time have been rotated until the 7th wedding anniversary of this event. “Emmy Morakot” has posted a very special reminder of 7 years ago … Read more

Snorre Valen, International Politics | Today you will remember the gallows outside the congress

If you do not think this can happen again, you have not learned anything. The comments expresses the writer’s opinions. (Trønder debate) The storming of The US Congress exactly one year ago was the culmination of five years of Trump fever in the United States. Since then, it has only gotten worse. From being a … Read more

“Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint cry as they remember their deceased companions | Alan Rickman Helen McCrory CELEBS NNDC | PEOPLE

The special one “Harry Potter: regreso a Hogwarts”Continues to give few known details of the filming of the eight films in the saga, however, the most emotional moment came when the members of the cast remembered the actors who ceased to exist. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, as well as Tom Felton, broke before … Read more

Remember the days when scientists grew “dinosaur legs” on a chicken.

Until recently, one of the biggest myths in science was that everything dinosaurs It disappeared 65 million years ago. But thanks to new fossil discoveries that have bolstered our knowledge of avian dinosaurs, we only know that now some Dinosaurs became extinct as a result of an asteroid impact – and others survived and gave … Read more

Octavio Ocaña: out of shock, it is difficult for his companions to remember if he shot himself or not

Octavio Ocaña died at the age of 22 in October. Photo: Getty Images The Octavio Ocaña’s family lawyer, Francisco Hernández, announced that the people who accompanied him the day he died can’t clearly remember if the actor was shot or not. In accordance with the official version from authorities of the State of Mexico, Octavio … Read more

Do you remember the heroine of the series “Esmeralda”?.. See how she looked after she turned 52

Al-Marsad newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites shared a recent photo of Mexican artist Leticia Calderon, the heroine of the series “Esmeralda”, after many years of absence.The artist appeared in the photo, and her features appeared to be aging after she reached 52 years old, but her features did not differ much from before, … Read more

remember retired cars in 2021

The year 2021 required a major restructuring in several car manufacturers in Brazil. The Covid-19 pandemic brought changes in the industry, not only in the way vehicles are sold, but also in the strategies of each brand in relation to the products. In this sense, the Brazilian market said goodbye to at least 30 models … Read more

“Only dialogue leads to conflict resolution”. And remember the violence against women and bullied adolescents – Corriere.it

Pope Francis, in the traditional message to the city and to the world before the Christmas blessing, remembers the peoples of Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and other countries at war VATICAN CITT – In this time of pandemic we realize it even more. Our capacity for social relations is severely tested; the tendency to withdraw, to … Read more