If you install an unofficial Apple camera, your iPhone will always remind you | Lifestyle

It is not the first time that Apple has made decisions that go against the freedom of its users. Its entire ecosystem is designed so that nothing and no one can control what affects its devices, software and other products that it sells through its digital stores, so such a strategy should not surprise us. … Read more

24 years after “Loca Piel”: Iconic actress who played “María Flores” publicly reappeared to remember her funny character

Exclusively for “Teleseries Mode”, Karin Wilkomirsky broke her anonymity and spoke about this lovable character from the 1996 TVN soap opera and the reason why she moved away from television to live in southern Chile. Twenty-four years ago, the soap opera war of the second semester pitted “Adrenalina” from Channel 13 and “Loca piel” from … Read more

Social movements: 9 dates to remember early 2021

Despite a deteriorated health situation and not conducive to major social movements, the start of the 2021 school year promises to be rich in mobilization. Balance of power lists the main events for you already known after “Truce for confectioners”. Mobilizations despite everything a peu “Suspended” from changes in the health situation and the new … Read more

“Do you remember …?”, Jennifer Garner’s longing for the great New Year’s celebrations

UNITED STATES.- The actress Jennifer Garner, 48 years old, said goodbye to 2020 with nostalgia, because through her Instagram account she sent a message to her ten million 100 thousand followers, to whom she shared a photo of herself with four friends, among which she counts talented actresses Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon. “Do you … Read more

Who lived at Frogmore Cottage before Harry and Meghan? We remember now that Beatriz de York and Edo Mapelli could leave the house

Abdul Karim | We have seen Queen Victoria and Abdul on the big screen, you will know Abdul Karim |, one of two Indians selected to be the queen’s servants in 1887, the year of her Golden Jubilee. The 24-year-old became indispensable to Victoria, and it wasn’t long until she gave him the title of … Read more

“My mother was not like the others. I remember seeing her prepare face creams on the stove”

Lauder was always forward-thinking. In 1972, at the age of 39, she was appointed president of the company (although her mother remained CEO) and actively sought out women to join her leadership team. In an interview with the Telegraph He said: ‘I would make it a management style. Every time I established a new international … Read more

20 books to remember from 2020

Good luck, by Rosa Montero This existential thriller tells a story about the fear of living and how to learn to overcome it, a novel starring a woman and a man whose lives intersect in a dying town in southern Spain. Frankenstein’s mother, by Almudena Grandes Fifth installment of the Episodes of an endless war. … Read more

FC Barcelona – La Liga: Players you don’t remember featuring for Barcelona

FC Barcelona – La Liga Played but didn’t shine For every superstar signing such as those of Luis Suarez or Neymar, there is always a player who joined Barcelona but hardly made any impact. Here, then, we take a look at some of the players who you might have already forgotten ever played for Barcelona. … Read more