E.Muskas demands employees to return to the office: 40 hours a week or you will be laid off Business

Those who do not will be fired, he wrote in a letter to The New York Times. “The higher your position, the more visible your presence must be,” said E. Muskas. “That’s why I spent so much time in the factory – that those working at the line would see me working with them. “If … Read more

Credit Suisse CEO Says Workers Will Never Return to the Office

Credit Suisse CEO Thomas Gottstein said on Monday that bank employees will never return to full-time office work. “It’s unrealistic and not what the employees want,” he explained. In an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the chief executive said that the bank was “trying to encourage people to come back, but it … Read more

Two-thirds of workers would look for a new job if forced to return to the office, survey indicates | ECONOMY

Lima, 25/04/2022 11:01 a.m. Workers’ demand for more flexibility and security, bolstered by the pandemic and a tight job market, are only increasing as the global economy reopens and some companies begin trying to get their employees back into the office, the report said. payroll provider ADP in a survey of nearly 33,000 people around … Read more

Peruvian companies | Use of call centers in the cloud increased by 300% during the pandemic | Optical Networks | nndc | TECHNOLOGY

Updated on 01/14/2022 02:42 pm The demand for telephone exchanges in the cloud by Peruvian companies grew from 2,500 users (at the beginning of 2020) to 10,000 users at the end of 2021; that is, 300% in two years, reported Optical Networks. The adoption of this technology is due to the focus of companies on … Read more