This is Mercadona’s product that effectively removes fat from pans

Do you know what techniques cleaning are they more effective? Throughout this article, we will collect tips and advice to promote the home clean. We start with the foolproof technique of using sodium bicarbonate and this product of the Mercadona supermarket. Do not miss it! Since its foundation in 1977, the supermarkets of Juan Roig, … Read more

Carcinogenic Chemical Presence: P&G Removes Personal Care Products

The American multinational The Procter & The Gamble Company (P&G) is withdrawing from market several of its products voluntarily due to the presence of benzene, carcinogenic chemical, as published by the same company. The measure affects all batches of Old Spice and Secret brand aerosol deodorants, in addition to spray products from Old Spice Below … Read more

Spotify removes ‘car view’ function from mobile app – Tablets and phones – News

Well, not everyone wants to use a voice assistant. Certainly if you do not speak high Dutch in daily life, the assistant usually does not understand you at all, even if you do your best to speak Dutch properly. In addition, everyone is always doing other things in the car than driving. Whether it’s looking … Read more

Netflix removes a character from a series after an actress denounced that she represented nationalist prejudices towards Latin Americans

Published: 13 nov 2021 23:40 GMT The script caused outrage in Ada Maris, the American-Mexican actress who was to play the role, who decided to write an open letter to the creators of the series. American-Mexican actress Ada Maris denounced nationalistic prejudices towards Latin Americans in a character he was going to play in an … Read more

Youtube removes the dislike counter below the videos

YouTube wants to end the harassment creators sometimes face with abusive “Dislikes”. Advertising On YouTube, the blue inch and red inch counters can be found under each video. Internet users can support YouTubers by clicking on the blue thumb or show that they did not like the video by clicking on the red thumb. On … Read more

Facebook removes politics, health and religion from its ad targeting

San Francisco, United States. Facebook and Instagram users will soon no longer be able to be targeted for ads based on their interest in certain sensitive topics, such as sexual orientation and political affiliation, a major change for the main social network. “We want to better meet people’s changing expectations of advertisers’ methods,” Graham Mudd, … Read more

Pressure on care is increasing: UZ Leuven removes cancer patient from operating table, UZ Gent no longer wants to keep covid beds free

As a result, Vermassen no longer wants to keep empty beds available for covid patients, as a result of which non-covid patients would be deprived of care. It bothers Vermassen that most covid patients who end up in intensive care end up there because they are not vaccinated. “We can hardly grant these patients a … Read more

WhatsApp removes time limit for deleting messages

In a future update of WhatsApp it will be possible to delete older messages in chats as well, with no time limit. WhatsApp introduced the feature to delete messages after sending four years ago. A handy feature if you only notice after sending that you made an embarrassing spelling mistake or that the message was … Read more

Facebook removes its facial recognition system in photos and videos |

Facebook announced that it will remove its facial recognition system in photos and videos in the coming weeks, ante la «worry»Existing due to the effects that this technology can have on society. In an entry on the official blog of Meta (the company that owns Facebook), Vice President for Artificial Intelligence, Jerome Pesenti, explained that … Read more