Orion Leasing will build solar power plants – the business will pay for itself by buying electricity | Business

Orion Leasing CEO Laimons Belickas says that the rental model based on electricity production and sales is attractive to small and medium-sized companies seeking to control electricity costs, but avoiding additional financial obligations. “The customer will simply consume electricity at a fixed price, while paying for our investment in the solar plant. The proposed fixed … Read more

Opposition: stop this madness. Scholz responds with an attack during the energy debate

There was a sharp exchange of views in the Bundestag during the debate on Germany’s energy policy. Friedrich Merz, leader of the opposition (CDU), called on Olaf Scholz to leave nuclear energy. It would be a way to reduce costs and ensure energy security in the country. He calls for “stop the madness” because the … Read more

Dangerous “fracking” is back in Europe | PUBLIC Investigation

Susan Holliday witnessed the rise and fall of British shale gas from her living room window. After years of protests and legal battles, the UK’s last fractionation site is just a few hundred meters from her home in the village of Little Plumpton in northern England.

Record solar energy, but electricity price continues to rise: how is that possible? | NOW

The production of solar power has again reached a record high in the Netherlands this year. Yet the electricity price is skyrocketing, because the price of natural gas largely determines what we pay for electricity. What’s up with that? It’s time to end the “madness” in the electricity market, said Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer on … Read more

Researchers create artificial tree leaf that converts water and CO2 into fuel | Tech

18 aug 2022 om 10:56Update: 2 dagen geleden Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed an artificial tree leaf that can remove CO2 from the air. The leaf produces ingredients for synthetic gas (syngas) using sunlight, water and CO2. By our tech editors Leaves of trees and plants remove CO2 from the air under … Read more