What is going on in the German village where Greta Thunberg was produced?

For years, activists have been trying to protect the tiny German village of Lützerath from demolition in order to prevent the expansion of the nearby lignite mine. The police started evacuating the settlement last week, which they have now completed, but the problems have not yet been resolved. In January 2020 in Davos Donald Trumppal … Read more

Minera assures that Toyota, Tesla and Nissan would be interested in Penco’s “Rare Earths” project | Economy

The so-called “rare earths” are minerals that are intensively used in various electronic equipment and in cutting-edge technologies, such as electromobility and the generation of renewable energy. Automotive manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan and Tesla would have expressed interest in the “Rare Earths” project from Pencoin the Bío Bío region, according to comments by Ramón Barúa, … Read more

Which countries have become leaders in renewable energies?

According to experts from the IEA, the International Energy Agency, we are entering a period of tremendous growth for renewable energies (EnR). In the next five years, as many REs should be added to the global mix as over the past twenty years. Thanks to certain countries that have become leaders in this field. The … Read more

The UAE plans to invest $50 billion in renewable energy projects around the world

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)Ambassador Majid Al-Suwaidi, Director General of the Office of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), said that the UAE has a prominent role as one of the largest investors in renewable energy outside the country, as it has invested $50 billion in renewable energy projects around the world, and will invest an … Read more