Ramps against gay parents. And Roccella attacks «the uterus for rent» – Corriere.it

The reactions multiply, the debate ignites. The transcription in the registry office of the children of homosexuals takes center stage on political Sunday, after the Saturday of the Milanese demonstration. Fabio Rampelli, vice president of the Chamber of FdI, aroused the wrath of the opposition after saying that homosexuals “deal as them the child they … Read more

the Walloon government adopts a decree on student leases, the guarantee will now be limited to 2 months’ rent

The text also provides that the lease ends at the end of the agreed term, without the need to give notice. Finally, in the context of main residence leases, the decree stipulates that all rental guarantees will be increased to two months’ rent, regardless of the form of constitution of the guarantee, and this without … Read more

Not paying rent for 9 years, it’s possible in Dinant: “We are inundated with calls”

Rue Grande, in Dinant, has regularly lost businesses in recent years. While strolling, one can discover many empty cells there. of videos Sometimes the owners do not take care of their property for years. One of them decided to offer a renovation lease via the real estate agency Dejong. The concept attracts many curious people. … Read more

121 to 80 victory over Jiangsu team Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent men’s basketball team triumphed on the winning streak-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

121 to 80 victory over Jiangsu team Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent men’s basketball team triumphantly on the road to winning streak Hangzhou Net Release time: 2023-03-16 06:18 Hangzhou Daily News The final whistle sounded, and “Zhejiang” won another big victory. On the evening of March 15th, in the 35th round of the CBA League, the … Read more

The Walloon government gives its final green light to the granting of a rent allowance for certain applicants for social housing

The entry into force is planned with retroactive effect from January 1st. Registration is done with a public service housing company in Wallonia, when submitting the application on the waiting list for public utility housing or when renewing the application for public utility housing. . In all cases, to be able to potentially benefit from … Read more

To attract recruits, Canadian police rent a Corvette

In February, the Ontario police took advantage of an auto show to present their version of a Corvette Z06. Something to make future recruits dream of! The canadian police would it encounter some recruitment difficulties? In February, on the occasion of « Canadian International AutoShow » of 2023, the Ontario Provincial Police put forward a model of … Read more

Milan, mortgages and prices push for rent: 70m2 up to 1,800 euros per month

Economy by Laura Cavestri The photograph was taken by Scenari Immobiliari and Abitare Co. According to the president of Scenari, Mario Breglia, if the equivalent of the resources used in the superbonus had been invested in housing policies, equal to 71.6 billion euros according to Enea , it would have been possible to give homes … Read more