Students in former ACTA building furious after 160 euro rent increase: “Put me into debt”

The students who live in the former ACTA building on Louwesweg were informed this week of a rent increase of 160 euros. They are furious with landlord Socius, who will pass on the rent increase to them as of January 1, 2023. The e-mail that Socius sent to the residents mentions adjusted advances of the … Read more

More and more Flemish people want to ‘rent from themselves’: are housing cooperatives the form of housing of the future?

Karel Lootens of Wooncoop with future resident Lieze Lingier and Peter Vermeulen who joined the project. — © Patrick deRoo The Flemish government is allocating more than 680,000 euros for a project on hybrid housing: a form of housing between renting and buying, a housing cooperative. But what are the pros and cons of ‘renting … Read more

08 rent at Balder up 3.25 percent

The tenants’ association and Balder have agreed on a new rental agreement for nearly 3,000 apartments in Stockholm. As of January 1, 2023, the average rent increase will be 3.25 percent. During the autumn, several landlords and property companies made historically high demands, some of around 10 percent. After negotiations, it became clear that the … Read more

The story of a man who rented his house for 120,000 riyals… and his wife’s sudden behavior towards the tenant made him give up the amount! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sultan Al-Makhlafi narrated the story of a woman who lost 120,000 riyals with her husband because of a WhatsApp message. During an interview with Al-Resala TV, he said, “A story that happened 3 or 4 years ago, of a virtuous man and his wife, who rented his house in northern Riyadh to a … Read more

Cash Only: Housing costs in the Czech Republic spill over into rental housing

You are reading a sample from the Cash Only newsletter, in which Martin Jašminský, Zuzana Kubátová and Jiří Zatloukal comment on events in Czech business every Friday. If you are interested in Cash Only, subscribe newsletter. Of course, it depends on the point of view. Every crisis can be an opportunity for someone, as investors … Read more

Someone converted this Renault Twingo to electric, and now offers it for rent

A first generation Renault Twingo adapted as electric, intends to become a rental car in Europe. A French company gave two Renault Twingo first generation, a ‘new life’ according to current mobility trends. Using the method called ‘retrofit’, the classic city car adapted a electric motor. This update coincides with the twingo 30th birthdayand the … Read more

Faced with the crisis, Jean-Jacques DECREASES the rent of his tenants by €60: “Everyone is a winner in history”, according to him

To help his tenants cope with the energy crisis, Jean-Jacques has decided to reduce their rents by 60 euros. The 61-year-old Tournaisien has been the owner for nearly thirty years, and for him, there was no question of going through indexation, despite the current context. The computer scientist has even chosen to make a gesture … Read more

Rent canceled from shooting club where weapons disappeared

NH News In cooperation with NH News NOS News•Monday, 09:25 The board of a shooting club in Heerhugowaard has canceled the lease of another shooting club that used their facilities. The reason is the disappearance of a number of weapons from the safe of that association. According to the police, this is a serious case, … Read more