Munich: Furniture store pays no rent and gets right – Munich

After many innkeepers, other Munich traders are now also taking the risk of court proceedings in order to alleviate the financial effects of the Corona lockdown in spring. While the restaurateurs are arguing with their insurance companies, several business people are fighting with their landlords – one of them was at least partially successful. A … Read more

Tempe Offers New Mortgage and Rent Assistance for Residents Affected by the Coronavirus | Univision Phoenix KTVW

“It is vitally important that we keep our residents in their homes and avoid evictions and foreclosures in our community,” said Mayor Corey Woods. “These emergency funds are a vital step to help stabilize the individuals and families who have been severely financially and medically affected by this pandemic.” According to the press release, the … Read more

Canada Emergency Rent Grant: applications are admissible – RCI

Applicants for the Canada Emergency Rent Grant (SUCL) will be able to benefit from the assistance of an online calculator to guide them on how to determine the amount of the subsidy they will receive from the government. Canada, based on data in their records. Credit: Istock The Canada Emergency Rent Grant (SUCL) is the … Read more

The covid-19 dilemma in CDMX: buy food or pay rent | BBC World Documentary

7 hours If you can’t see the video clickhere. Buy food or pay rent? That is the dilemma in which Rosa’s family has seen itself every day for a few months. In the last year, the covid-19 pandemic left millions of families around the world in a situation like yours: without income to buy food … Read more

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TO RENT ROOM IN GAVA Carrer Joan Carles 1. For Rent room Large for Individual use, for men 35 to 60 years with work or college student, that is clean and tidy, the room It has a single bed with a viscolacti mattress, dresser, table, two-door wardrobe, individual heating, ceiling fan with remote control, exclusive … Read more

Fajardo allocates more funds to pay rent and mortgages | government

The mayor of the municipality of Fajardo, José Aníbal Meléndez Méndez, announced that he assigned another 115,000 dollars to the Emergency Assistance program for the monthly payment of rent or mortgage and arrears of utilities. The program benefits residents of Fajardo who are in arrears with their monthly home payment. Meléndez Méndez explained that the … Read more

Mayor allocates more funds to the rent and mortgage payment program

Posted on Nov 12, 2020 in Noticias Locales The mayor of the municipality of Fajardo, José Aníbal “Joey” Meléndez Méndez, announced that he assigned another $ 115,000.00 to the Emergency Assistance program for the monthly payment of rent ormortgage and late utilities. This program benefits residents of Fajardo who have arrears in the monthly payment … Read more

Mortgages are more manageable than rent in these Toronto locations

Condo prices in Toronto hit all-time highs with a 6.5% year-over-year increase in the second quarter of 2018, to $ 603,480. Accompanied by historically low rental vacancy rates of less than 1%, these factors are increasingly making homeownership the most sensitive route in parts of the hot market, according to a new analysis by the … Read more

Sabadell launches a 1.15% mortgage for personal banking clients | Companies

Banco Sabadell wants to take advantage of the mortgage pull in the last two months of the year to grow in business and in attracting new personal banking clients, with assets of 100,000 euros to 500,000 euros and / or annual income of more than 60,000 euros. Surprisingly, despite the second wave of the pandemic, … Read more

A universal basic income, “the best possible cultural policy”

If there is an idea that has gained strength in recent months, it is that a universal basic income would improve not only life in general, but also the conditions in which culture is created. This is defended by a manifesto promoted by Nativa that assures that it would be “the best possible cultural policy”, … Read more