Arrested for renting a house and using it as a hotel for tourists

PALMA DE MALLORCA, 17 (EUROPA PRESS) The National Police have arrested a 51-year-old man for renting a house in the center of Palma and using it as a hotel to accommodate tourists. In a press release, the agents explained that he had been arrested for the crimes of fraud, usurpation and coercion. The alleged perpetrator, … Read more

The impressive renting of the Dacia Duster. Attention to surprise

Two plus two equals four. And if you want a model low cost, Dacia is your dealer. The firm is the reference par excellence of models adjusted in the quality / price ratio. But the subsidiary of Renault It not only offers the possibility of buying its models. The Romanian brand also has a renting … Read more

In the case of renting the crematorium, the Riga City Council also loses in the Supreme Court / Article /

By an unappealable judgment, the Supreme Court has also acknowledged that the Riga City Council has illegally leased its crematorium on Varo┼ću Street to its usual allied private entrepreneur. Thus, one year later, the decision of the Administrative District Court that the disputed contract should be terminated will come into force. The company “Riga Cremation … Read more