Debt repayment instead of litigation: the small print reveals Trump’s donation plan

Saturday, November 7th, 2020 In order to avert his impending defeat in the election, incumbent Trump started a downright wave of lawsuits in several states. But for that he needs a lot of money. He urges his supporters for financial support. What he only reveals in secret: Most of the money is used for another … Read more

Bercy specifies the repayment terms

“The discussions led (to this result) yesterday in a constructive spirit with the banks,” he said in the program Grand rendez-vous Europe 1 / Les Echos / CNews. “We have negotiated particularly advantageous rates with the banks.” 600,000 VSEs and SMEs concerned 600,000 VSEs and SMEs are concerned, restaurants, cafes, shops … who have borrowed … Read more

Firefighters charged the young arsonist 100 thousand crowns for trips. It has a repayment calendar

A series of fires hit the Břeclav region in 2018 and 2019. It mostly burned grass, fields or stubble. The investigation eventually showed that the fires were caused by a young man who lived nearby. “The last fire, in which ready-made farmers managed to take pictures of the perpetrator, took place in July 2019. Thanks … Read more

Penalty for early repayment of a mortgage: An economist advises how to defend himself

Well-known economist Lukáš Kovanda is clear about banks that still collect fines from clients for early mortgage repayments. According to him, it is immoral for people to have to pay for the timely settlement of their debts. “Nowadays, when we constantly hear how the Czech Republic is stifled by debts, foreclosures and the like, we … Read more

The fine for early repayment of the mortgage is obscene. Not all banks have put an end to this bad practice

Banks have always opposed the abolition of fines for early repayment mortgages. They lost an easy source of income due to the abolition of the fine. Penalty for early repayment mortgages it is obscene because clients are actually penalized for behaving economically, paying their debts on time. Nowadays, when we constantly hear how it is … Read more