10 Perfect Couples – Season 04 Episode 11 of August 28, 2020 – 10 Perfect Couples

Kellyn chooses Adrien at the ceremony. For Alcaraz, it is astonishment. He is disappointed with his choice. It is for him a revelation, he finally opens his eyes on the young woman. Each girl chooses her potential perfect match. Some choices are not necessarily all accepted… The beam ceremony is coming to an end. Applicants … Read more

10 Perfect Couples – Season 04 Episode 10 of August 27, 2020 – 10 Perfect Couples

Milla debriefs Safia on the questionnaire she gave to Khéphren and Vincent. She tells him her preference… This also confirms Safia’s choice. The young woman will have to tell them. The candidates are always thinking about the strategy to adopt during the ceremony… Between choice of heart and reason, opinions are mixed. But the candidates … Read more

no, the vaccine against Covid-19 will not inoculate HIV

The time has come to take a look at the fake news, false information. On Wednesday August 26, we look back on the success of a video implicating the Pasteur Institute and relaying many conspiracy theories. Uploaded to YouTube on August 20, this video is approaching 1.5 million views. If you haven’t followed anything at … Read more

“We must be able to reopen the borders”, believes Thierry Marx

Two-star chef at the head of a pastry shop, Thierry Marx has just created his bachelor’s degree to train his future chefs, but his restaurants have not yet reopened. He entrusts to the microphone of RTL this Tuesday, August 25 his feelings about this health crisis with significant economic repercussions for its activity.“We must give … Read more

Covidom, the application that monitors symptoms

The project Covidom is an e-health application that allows remote monitoring at home for patients with or suspected of carrying Covid-19, as explained by Youri Yordanov emergency physician at Saint-Antoine hospital. “It’s an application that we have on our smartphone and also on a website that patients, people registered in this app, can use to … Read more

near Amiens, “Les Petits Weights” takes care of overweight people

On this Saturday August 15, direction the city of Camon to the west from Amiens, and its association “The Small Weights “. This association, chaired by Lydie Boury helps overweight people who suffer from obesity or comorbidity. “Unfortunately in Hauts-de-France we are a bit of a champion, just behind Martinique and Guadeloupe “, explains Lydie … Read more

The 8am news – Coronavirus: is containment inevitable?

The specialists warn: if the French are not more vigilant, a reconfinement will be inevitable. Currently, the situation continues to deteriorate with 2,846 new contaminations counted during the last 24 hours. The test positive rate increases also, which means that 2.4% of those tested are found to be infected. Professor Annane, head of the intensive … Read more

Telework, from its beginnings in the 1970s to its current development

In the mid-1960s, the very first computers are beginning to be marketed in the world. In 1967 on RTL, during a debate which resonates strangely with current issues, experts count 35,000, including 30,000 in the United States. “We thought at first that the computer would replace humans. And then there was another psychosis, the general-purpose … Read more

the story of a fight against a virus that changes every year

The flu has always existed. It is a virtual certainty today. “There is every reason to believe that influenza pandemics and seasonal influenza epidemics have existed for a very long time. Certain writings dating from Aristotle suggest influenza epidemics, texts from the Middle Ages report epidemic episodes At that time. It is very likely that … Read more

what if you bought a Made in France beach towel?

Leïla lives in London, Clémence in the Seychelles, but both Bretons, it is in Rennes that they created the brand, which they manage, manage from a distance: Cottesea. Design, manufacture and marketing of XXL size beach towel (1.40m wide, 1.70m long): the idea is on the sand that they got by looking around them. Leïla … Read more