Reportedly 10 Residents Died Due to Torue Flood, 3 Missing –

PARIMO, CS – 10 residents reportedly died due to flash floods in Torue Village, Torue District, Parimo Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, Thursday, July 29, 2022 night. The 10 who died have been identified, three of them, Kasmin Toki (50), Mato (50) and Aneke Solang (44). Meanwhile, the three missing residents are a grandmother and two … Read more

How is Henry Cavill?Netflix reportedly halts production on season 3 of ‘The Witcher’ after actor contracted Covid

The second season of Netflix fantasy series The Witcher exceeded all expectations and turned out to be bigger and better than the first. Fans have been pleading with streaming platforms to bring the series back as soon as possible since Season 2 ended, and they were genuinely excited to learn that Season 3 was officially … Read more

China Reportedly Intends to Create Mini Poseidon Torpedoes That Can Reach Australia

loading… China reportedly intends to build a mini Poseidon torpedo capable of reaching Australia within a week. Photo/Illustration BEIJING – China reportedly wanting to produce a “swarm” torpedo nuclear-powered missile capable of striking a target anywhere in the Pacific within a week. Currently, the idea is only a proposal. According to the South China Morning … Read more

With whom will Jacek Jelonek create the first SINGLE SEX in “Dancing with the Stars”? Veterans of the show were reportedly not eager to cooperate …

“Dancing with the Stars” will soon return to Polsat’s antenna for the thirteenth time. Although at first it seemed that the temporary absence of the format on the glass screen would encourage the production to engage recognizable personalities, and the name exchange mentioned the participation of, among others, Magda Mołek or Małgorzata Rozenekit is probably … Read more

Tallysson Duarte Reportedly Has Arrived in Indonesia, Will PSS Sleman Inaugurate Soon?

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – Brazilian defender name, Tallysson Duarte widely rumored to be close to PSS Sleman soon. Tallysson Duarte is said to be a replacement Mario Maslac who officially left PSS Sleman ahead of the 2022/2023 Liga 1 rollout. Even, Tallysson Duarte reportedly has now arrived in Indonesia. It is known from the post in the form of … Read more

Wow, Ferrari Team Crew Reportedly Don’t Want To Celebrate Carlos Sainz’s Victory in English F1 2022

Twitter/ScuderiaFerrari Carlos Sainz wins British F1 2022 in his 150th race – There is news that the crew tim Ferrari really don’t want celebrating victory Carlos Sainz on racing British F1 2022, last Sunday (4/7). Here’s the story. Spaniard Carlos Sainz featured as F1 champion England 2022 after a fierce competition with team-mates, Charles … Read more

Arsenal lying poker with Tielemans: Gunners reportedly made bid for…another Red Devil

Difficult to see clearly in the future of Youri Tielemans. This weekend, the English press got carried away. According to several media, Arsenal have reached a personal agreement with the Red Devil. A version disputed by the Leicester Shire. This Monday, the local newspaper claimed that the Gunners wanted to put pressure on the Foxes. … Read more

Samsung reportedly will release a cheap folding screen cellphone, the price is Rp. 11 million

Jakarta – Samsung currently dominates the market folding screen phone with the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. To strengthen its position, Samsung will reportedly release a folding screen phone at a more affordable price. Detailed information about cheap folding screen phones from Samsung is still a mystery. So far, the known information is … Read more

Good News, Kenzo Nambu is reportedly getting better and ready to play during PSM Makassar vs Borneo FC

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Foreign players PSM Makassar Kenzo – I’m Not Afraid started to get better after the injury. He has a chance to be taken down when PSM Makassar meet Borneo FC in the quarter-finals President’s Cup 2022Sunday (3/7/2022). Apart from Kenzo, two players PSM Makassar The injured, namely, Yance Sayuri and Dzaky, are also … Read more