This iconic Nokia phone is back on the market – digital

It’s the cult device of the 2000s – now the company is bringing back the Nokia 6310. And it even has the game “Snake” on board. When you think of the early 2000s, you might think of low-cut jeans, CDs and MSN Messenger. One device shaped these years more than few others: The Nokia 6310, … Read more

NBA: Westbrook from Wizards to Lakers (reports)

Posted in: 30/07/2021 – 08:42 New York (AFP) Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook has moved to the Los Angeles Lakers and his two stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, after an agreement between the two NBA clubs, American media reported Thursday. ESPN, USA Today and The Athletic reported that the 32-year-old playmaker has been swapped … Read more

Pooj does 14% less damage with Rot, reports Bug in Dota – Dota 2

Reddit user Chopchop__ discovered a bug with Rot ability in Puja. The redditor noticed that the ability deals damage in an interval not of 0.2 seconds, but 0.233, which leads to the fact that the enemy loses 14.2% less health than it should. Other users have noted that the damage-dealing interval changes back by 0.2 … Read more

Huawei and ZTE present their new flagships – multimedia

Exciting gadgets, great technology, terrible flops in the digital telegram. Deliveries every day of the week “Today” three current news in brief. DoJuly 29, 2021 New ZTE flagship Axon 30 Ultra ZTE launches its new flagship Axon 30 Ultra with a Trinity camera system. The specialty of the new smartphone flagship are the three equally … Read more

890 million year old prehistoric sponges discovered – science

In Canada, researchers examined an 890 million year old reef – and found structures that may have come from sponges. It has long been assumed that the primitive animals populated the seas between 1,000 and 541 million. The reason for this was given by genetic studies of modern sponges that came to this result. Fossils … Read more

“Neo: The World Ends With You” im Test – Kult-JRPG – Spieletests

14 years after the JRPG “The World Ends With You” there is a successor. It makes a lot of new things technically, but remains extremely true to the roots. “The World Ends With You” was already convincing 14 years ago not only as a well-made Japano RPG, but also with its story about a group … Read more

Jusuf Hamka’s Company Reports on Police Investigate Embezzlement

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Alleged case embezzlement reported by PT Citra Marga Lintas Jabar (CLMJ) in Polda Metro Jaya is currently in the investigation stage. Entrepreneur Jusuf Hamka is known to be the president director of PT CLMJ. He previously admitted that he was blackmailed by one of the private Islamic banks in Indonesia. The … Read more

Aprica, 15, calls the carabinieri in shock and reports that she has been raped

In the night between Monday and last Tuesday, a 15-year-old girl was hospitalized in a state of shock and with some injuries in the Sondrio hospital after suffering a heavy sexual assault, according to what she reported to the carabinieri who intervened with the health workers of the ambulance. The attack took place outdoors in … Read more

leak of news from Fdi, so the reports have become “non-existent” – Libero Quotidiano

Relations between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy would have cracked to the point of becoming “non-existent”. This is what is reported by, which cites the party’s leading sources Giorgia Meloni according to which between the latter and Matteo Salvini there was no contact after what happened on the Rai board of directors. … Read more

You can take such beautiful photos with the iPhone – multimedia

If you want to take breathtaking pictures, you don’t need a professional camera. This is shown by the winning pictures of the iPhone Photography Awards. Already for the 14th time this year the winners of the iPhone Photography Awards chosen. According to the committee, the thousands of entries this time included countless images of pain … Read more