Trump: Leaders called on Election Night to congratulate, then vote “dump” arrived | Supreme Court | Donald Trump | Elections

President Donald Trump He said world leaders called him to congratulate him on election night but then, according to him, a “dump” of votes arrived, adding that his team will appeal the recent judicial losses to the Supreme Court de EE. UU. “Suddenly,” he said in an interview with Fox Business on Sunday, “I went … Read more

Former Republican officials urge Trump to acknowledge defeat

More than 100 former Republican officials repudiate Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat, as it represents a “dangerous attack” on US institutions. In a letter published Monday, a group of former Republican US National Security officials demanded that Donald Trump acknowledge his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election on November 3. Specifically, … Read more

How far will Donald Trump go?

From the day it became clear that the US election had been won by his adversary, Democrat Joseph Biden, Donald Trump has executed a multi-lane strategy: from the White House he has dedicated himself to discrediting the election and denouncing a nonexistent fraud; his lawyers in key states have presented legal recourses that have failed, … Read more

Following defeat in Pennsylvania court, Trump is forced to surrender

Trump’s electoral fraud narrative loses traction among Republicans urging him to accept defeat to Biden, following the Pennsylvania court ruling. After the severe setback in Pennsylvania on Saturday, outgoing US President Donald Trump faces increased pressure from fellow Republicans to abandon his goal: to reverse the results of the November 3 election, and they call … Read more

Trump 2024 | El Heraldo

After consecutive defeats at the hands of Obama, the Republican party carried out an electoral autopsy. They came from losing the popular vote in the last five elections. As the Republican voter aged, Reagan’s party did not connect with a more diverse young voter. They had 34 out of 50 governorships, the pragmatism and moderation … Read more

The camp of the outgoing president in love with recourse

Lawsuits were dismissed by judges for lack of evidence or dropped by the Trump campaign team itself. A lawyer took the wrong court in Michigan to file an appeal. A firm has asked to withdraw from a Pennsylvania case. This is what the outgoing president’s judicial guerrilla war looks like, barely two weeks after the … Read more

Chief of Staff to Trump: We do not swear before a king or tyrant

The highest command of the US Army, faced with the recent changes of Donald Trump in the Pentagon, affirmed that the military does not swear before a tyrant or dictator. The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, stressed that every member of the US Armed Forces has a duty to … Read more

United States elections: the purge of Donald Trump

The Republican mogul’s revenge is no secret: Trump is used to purging after his defeats. The next two months will be turbulent. Donald Trump is furious and thirsty for revenge for his loss to Democrat Joe Biden, and his retaliation did not take long. On Friday, the Republican administration fired Bonnie Glick, deputy administrator of … Read more

Trump announces dismissal of Pentagon chief

Outgoing US President Donald Trump announces the firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and introduces his replacement. “I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected director of the National Counterterrorism Center (confirmed unanimously by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately“Trump wrote on his Twitter account this Monday. … Read more

Trump’s eldest son urges his father to go to “all out war”

The eldest son of the US president urged his father, in a tweet tagged by Twitter, to “go to all-out war” against “all fraud” of the electoral process. The eldest son of the US president, Donald Trump Jr., through a message published on Thursday on his Twitter account added fuel to the already tense vote … Read more