Request a loan in Spain, up to 35% more expensive than in the euro area as a whole

Despite the scenario of ultra-low and even negative rates established by the European Central Bank (ECB), requesting a loan in Spain is substantially more expensive than in the European average, both in terms of consumer loans and if the client does so. you want to sign a mortgage. This is at least shown by the … Read more

They will give financial support to families of the deceased by COVID (so you can request it)

The federal government announced support from 11,460 pesos for the relatives of people who died from COVID-19 in the country. This resource, explained the director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, is valid for those who lost a family member between March 18, 2019, and until the day the end of … Read more

Request for documentation on Waiter Music to the Alcorcón City Council

Made by the Court of First Instance number 7 of the city. Request for documentation on Waiter Music to the Alcorcón City Council. In recent days we reported that the file on Waiter Music in Alcorcón it was derived from the National Court to the Court of First Instance in Alcorcón. Now, said court, has … Read more

They request the return of mammograms to the Medina del Campo Hospital

The Municipal Socialist Group in the Medina del Campo Town Hall he has presented a motion for the ordinary plenary session of the month of November 2020 in which they ask the Junta de Castilla y León to The program for the early detection of breast cancer (breast screening) will be carried out again at … Read more

Global Diesel Engine Power Market Growth Size, Scope, Status and Forecast, Players, Regions, Type, Request by 2026

Diesel Engine Power Market report offers a detailed assessment of the market, highlighting information on different aspects including drivers, restraints, opportunities, threats, and global markets, including progress trends, competitive environment analysis, and key regions, the state of expansion. This report is the global numerical analysis of the Diesel Engine Power industry and provides data for … Read more

Turkey Says It Will Send Troops To Help Azerbaijan If They Request »THE DIGITAL POLITICAL

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay has said that Ankara will not hesitate to send soldiers and provide military support to Azerbaijan if Baku requests it, adding that there is no such request at the moment. ALater, the Prime Minister of Armenia said that he did not see any possibility of a diplomatic solution at this … Read more

They request that the Seville Bar Association become the Bar Association

The word advocacy has two meanings in the dictionary of Royal Spanish Academy. On the one hand, it is the profession and practice of the lawyer. On the other, the set of practicing lawyers. According to the General Council of the Legal Profession,s 251,834 lawyers in Spain, 51.7% are men and 48.3% are womens. That … Read more

Spain will request covid test from travelers from these countries

State of alarm extended in Spain 2:23 (CNN Español) — Spain reported on Wednesday that as of November 23, it will request a negative PCR test in the 72 hours prior to arrival for passengers who come from areas at risk of contagion of covid-19. Which countries are affected? This Thursday, the resolution was published … Read more

Orozco’s defense awaits the distribution to request the dismissal of the Vendex piece – Lugo capital

The defense of former mayor José López Orozco is already preparing the letter to request the dismissal of the case against him in the piece derived from the so-called Operation Pokemon that refers to the award of the ORA system contract to the Vendex group. His lawyer, Gregorio Arroyo, recalled that the case in which … Read more