Watch.. Rabeh Saqr’s reaction to an audience request to sing with him during his concert in Al-Ula

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media documented the artist Rabeh Saqr’s reaction to an audience request to sing with him during his concert in Al-Ula. The artist, Rabeh Saqr, appeared while sitting on the stage, drinking water, and a conversation took place between him and one of the audience. And one of … Read more

The request for adhesion to the scrapping suspends the attachment

Norms and Tributes by Rosanna Acierno For the Budget law for 2023, submitting an application for the facilitated definition of roles prevents the continuation of the executive procedures started 2′ of reading Request. In relation to some taxes registered in the register that are now “scrapable”, I have filed a request for adhesion to the … Read more

They go with everything! Christian Estrada makes a request to Ferka and through tears challenges him to present evidence

Recently, Christian Estrada and María Fernanda Quiroz have been in controversy, this after the actor had recently declared that he was a good father, but that he could not see his son because Ferka would not allow him unless he paid a large amount of money. . The actress began the counterattack, denying word for … Read more

[Hong Kong News]The sword refers to the rare request of 40 U.S. congressmen in Beijing; Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office | Central Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office | Guo Wengui | Military Adviser | Yu Jianming | Hong Kong Youth Association |

[Voice of Hope, March 16, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Zheng Xin) Pointing at Beijing, 40 members of the U.S. Congress rarely make a request 40 senators of the U.S. Senate jointly proposed the latest resolution on Hong Kong on the 15th, reaffirming that the political situation in Hong Kong is deteriorating due to the … Read more

Paolo Falzone’s new request is refused, he remains in prison

This Thursday, the Indictment Chamber decided to keep Paolo Falzone in prison. If the thirties appeared this Thursday before the appeal court, it is because he appealed against the decision of the Council Chamber dated March 3, which confirmed his detention. of videos His lawyer, Me Discepoli demanded the electronic bracelet. The Chamber of bets … Read more

Request a loan for micro, small, medium and large companies in the tourism sector

He minimum amount is $100 million. He return period is up to 5 years, including the grace period which is up to 1 year. Interest rate: -MiPyMEs: The interest rate of Regulation No. 750 is applied for the investment destination (Fixed 64.5% as of March 2023).-Large Companies: The interest rate of Regulation No. 43A is … Read more

How to request my INE credential for non-binary people?

The INE credential will be marked with the letter “X”. Photo: Shutterstock. Of It is possible to process your credential from the National Electoral Institute (INE) that recognizes the non-binary genderafter its incorporation endorsement by the General Council in the box corresponding to sex. How to request my INE credential for non-binary people? So that … Read more

Strépy drama: Paolo Falzone’s request for the electronic bracelet refused, he remains in prison

Imprisoned for almost a year to the day following the Strépy tragedy which took place on March 20, 2022, Paolo Falzone once again asked to be able to benefit from an electronic bracelet. His lawyer thus pleaded his case before the indictment chamber, arguing that the detention would take place in a place far from … Read more

“I get goosebumps”: Carmen Barbieri recounted the request she made to Fede Bal when she began her relationship with Sofía

the driver of very morning assumed that he is suffering from the separation of his son and Sofia Aldrey, and revealed an intimate chat she had with him in 2020. Thursday March 9, 2023 A month after the scandalous separation of Fede Honey y Sofia Aldrey, Carmen Barbieri She expressed that she is still very … Read more