The two Czechs, without equipment, set out on a hike to the Dachstein, rescued by a helicopter

On Thursday morning, the hikers set out from the mountain village of Filzmoos to the Adamekhütte hut. At an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level, when they tried to cross a snow field, they got stuck in steep terrain. They had neither cats nor ice axes with them. They decided not to continue … Read more

A puppy rescued and adopted by a Liège firefighter (photos)

Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day, the firefighters of the Hermalle station were called at 8:30 a.m. for a puppy stuck at the Haccourt bridge, between a barge and the edge. “When we arrived, the pup had become unstuck, crossed the canal again, and climbed up the inclined side,” says Johan, firefighter from the 2/1 platoon. … Read more

A man rescued a 3-year-old child hanging from a window on the 8th floor (Video)

The three-year-old girl and her savior Sabit Shontkabayev Shot: YouTube / Khabar News A 36-year-old man saved a 3-year-old neighbor hanging from a window on the 8th floor of an apartment building in the capital of Kazakhstan – Nur Sultan. The girl was hung from the ledge for about 15 minutes, local media reported. The … Read more

[VIDÉO] 18-year-old driver rescued from flames

An 18-year-old impaired driver was extricated in extremis by police and a citizen from his burning car after causing a rollover which injured his three passengers, Saturday evening, in Saint-Constant. “People around weren’t doing anything to help. I couldn’t let him burn alive,” said François Buttle, who helped with the rescue. He was at home, … Read more

Jablonec is sure the group will not be rescued. Complications, the Council knows

The middle group is taboo for them. A battle for salvation awaits them. “The group below will probably close like this and we will play for being and not being. In our staff, perhaps no one has any experience with this. In a three-point system, there are so many draws to know, “coach Petr Rada … Read more

Lost boy (16) rescued from gorge thanks to his fascination with stones | Abroad

The mentally retarded boy, who cannot speak, got into an argument with his mother and sister during a walk and started to run. He got lost and was off the radar for more than six hours when rescue services launched a massive operation. The rescue crew spoke to the mother, who talked about his fascination … Read more