Research reveals the secret of marketing at the Ikea point of sale

The Ikea Group sold in its fiscal year 2021 42 billion dollars. This represents an increase of 2,500 million in relation to the income of the previous year. The key is its expansion in more and more countries (Mexico, India, Chile) and its careful and up-to-date marketing strategies. marketing. Entering an Ikea store, anywhere in … Read more

Two researchers receive grants for research into AIDS and HIV

Bianca Jütte and Finn Filén. Bianca Jütte, postdoctoral researcher at Karolinska Institutet, receives SEK 200,000 for the project »Assessment of the proviral reservoir for personalized HIV-1 treatment towards a functional cure«. Find the Fillet, specialist doctor, infectious diseases, Venhälsan, Södersjukhuset, receives SEK 300,000 for his project »Evaluation of Venhälsan’s PrEP program«. 2022-08-16

[오픈서베이 트렌드 아티클] FGD, FGI, or conference, which one is correct? Learn about focus group research

As a way to research consumer perception, we often think of surveys that ask questions and get answers. Sure, surveys are great consumer research methods, but they aren’t the most efficient in all situations. When there is little understanding of the market to the extent that it is difficult to construct a questionnaire, or when … Read more

The Earth has slowed down for 50 years – now scientists think they know why

The Earth has begun to spin at a slower speed, making the days longer. Scientists struggle to understand why. In general, there are a couple of processes to point to that have lengthened Earth’s day from its roughly 86,400 second length. – Over millions of years, the planet’s rotation has been slowed down due to … Read more

New Research: High Cortisol Stress Hormone Levels Cause Long-Term Exposure to Covid-19

PR DEPOK – One of the concerns of health experts during the spread of the corona virus is reason exposed person Covid-19 in the long run. Researchers at Yale University recently reported the results of their research on reason exposed person Covid-19 in the long run. According to them, hormones stress cortisol can be reason … Read more

Swim Delft supports research into better targeted therapies for less stress and harm to the patient

DELFT – Swim To Fight Cancer Delft is allowed to support a local research from the national Swim. The board of the Swim in Delft has chosen to support the research of Kristina Djanashvili, Associate Professor at TU Delft, with part of the donations. If the Swim in Delft raises more than 100,000 euros, Kristina … Read more

10 Characteristics of Typhoid in Children, Parents Need to Be Alert – When a child has a fever and is vomiting, many parents are worried that their baby will get typhoid. Fever and vomiting are indeed one of the characteristics typhus in children. However, these symptoms are not the only signs of the disease known as typhoid. Parents need to know, typhoid is an infectious … Read more

Research Says Continents on Earth Formed by Giant Meteorite Showers

JAKARTA – A recent study states that the continents on Earth were formed when our planet was bombarded with giant meteorites about 3.5 billion years ago. Researchers from Curtin University in Perth, Australia analyzed crystals of the mineral zircon from the Pilbara Craton to investigate its origin. A craton is a piece of the planet’s … Read more

Alzheimer’s research is allegedly manipulated

A well-cited discovery in Alzheimer’s research accused of manipulation of the journal Science. The study, which was published in Nature in 2006, shows that an overproduction of the protein beta-amyloid*56 in the brains of Alzheimer’s mice can lead to memory impairment. Now images in the study are accused of being manipulated. It casts shadows over … Read more

Life on Mars Revealed Thanks to New Data and Research, Jakarta – Life on Mars was revealed thanks to the latest data and research by scientists at the University of California San Diego, United States. What data was revealed? Life on Mars, the researchers found, showed surprising results after studying seismic data from NASA’s Mars InSight mission. According to research, such as The telephone … Read more