Dr. Anant reveals results of injection research “Vaccine booster” Today, when will the landscape rise?

A very important piece of information from this study suggests that A group with a relatively high landscape before is a group that has been infected by nature. If boosted by vaccine There was hardly any rise from the original landscape before stimulation. The curves show the background level of the stimulation with almost no … Read more

Research seeks to improve immune system response to vaccines

Facebook Whatsapp Twitter Linkedin Mail A team of researchers led by Luis Graça is studying how to improve the immune system response of the most vulnerable people (including the oldest) to vaccines. Aging and some diseases decrease the effectiveness of the immune system’s response to external threats. One of the consequences of the loss of … Read more

Basic research to benefit ALS patients –

Eva Hedlund is professor of neurochemistry at Stockholm University. She leads a research team dedicated to basic research with a medical utility aspect, to find new treatments for patients with severe neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). Common to these diseases is that the motor nerve cells (motor … Read more

Scientists have created miniature wormholes. They were able to pass a message between them

In a professional article published in a journal Nature reported that they had indeed succeeded in creating a through wormhole based on teleported quantum information. According to them, there was no physical interruption of space and time during the experiment. The research results apply to a simplified model of the universe that resembles a hologram, … Read more

6 recommended men’s down jackets from “THE NORTH FACE” and the top 10 Amazon rankings for the cold season!Models using Gore-Tex[December 2022](1/3) | Netorabo research team

Show table of contents “THE NORTH FACE”, which is popular for its design that can be used both outdoors and on the town, has a large lineup of highly functional jackets unique to the outdoor brand. As the weather gets colder and colder, outerwear with excellent waterproof and windproof properties will come in handy in … Read more

Noise affects working memory and concentration in ADHD

– In the brain there is a system that helps us to direct our attention to something specific and to exclude other irrelevant things. People with ADHD cannot do this as efficiently, which has major consequences for memory and concentration, says Rina Blomberg. Rina Blomberg is a cognitive scientist and has done research in cognitive … Read more

Rescue of 3 Stowaways Who Survived 11 Days at the Steering Wheel of a Tanker from Nigeria Page all

MADRID, KOMPAS.com – The Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency has rescued three stowaway found on the steering wheel tankers from Nigeria to Spain. The migrants are known to have traveled 2,700 miles which took 11 days. Earlier, a photo shared by the Spanish coast guard showed the men sitting on the rudder outside the … Read more

Ranking Top 10 of “Highly Rated Ramen Shops in Saitama Prefecture”! 1st place is “Japanese-style Rakumen Yondaime Hinodeya Hasuda Main Store”[December 2022 Edition](1/5) | Netorabo research team

For those who are looking for recommended ramen shops in Saitama Prefecture, we will introduce the shops that were highly rated by users in December 2022. It reflects the latest data, so please use it when choosing a store. Let’s take a look at the top results. *This ranking is based on Google word-of-mouth “user … Read more

Under the pressure of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, Stanford research: adolescent brains age prematurely-News-Free Health Network

On May 15, 2020, a group of teenagers in Istanbul, Turkey, were able to go out for a few hours for the first time after staying at home for 42 days in the anti-epidemic blockade. (Associated Press file photo) [Reporter Guan Shuping/Taipei Report]Stanford University in the United States published a research report on the 1st, … Read more