Is it true that the Covid-19 vaccine causes difficulty in getting pregnant? Research reveals the facts

TRIBUNTERNATE.COM – Research on the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine is still ongoing. There is a lot of news circulating about the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. Such as the news that the Covid-19 vaccine affects the menstrual schedule, thus hampering the fertilization process. Not infrequently, news about these side effects makes people … Read more

It appeared in recent research. Eyes show when you’re going to die

One of the most important of the 5 senses our eyesIt has more functions than we think. According to the news of Webtekno, British Journal of Ophthalmology With a scientific study published in the journal named , it was revealed that the eyes can directly detect the biological age of a person, and therefore the … Read more

Engineering Steel Market Research based on Stocks, Current Opportunities with Future Growth Scenario by 2027

the « Engineering Steel Market » global report gives an intensity assessment of the current function and important elements of a given industry. Structural Steel Market report in terms of business growth and higher revenue. These aspects include the financial situation of major companies, changing trends and the whole market scenario. Business players can easily … Read more

Evidence of Former Life on Mars?

21.01.2022 • 12:13 © Wochit Whether there was life on Mars is still unclear. Now researchers have been examining samples from the planet and have come across unusual results that could theoretically indicate the once-present presence of life.

NY Times: Mysterious Havana Syndrome – CIA No Guilty and Victims Angry

Most of the thousands of cases reported to the government can be explained by environmental conditions, unidentified health problems or stress, rather than a long-term malicious campaign by a foreign force, CIA officials explained, describing the interim findings of an in-depth investigation. The CIA continues to investigate two dozen cases that remain unresolved. According to … Read more

Research: booster shots of mRNA vaccines Pfizer and Moderna do NOT work at all against Omicron

It took a while, but what everyone who kept an eye on the numbers has long understood has now also been scientifically made clear: the boosters of mRNA vaccines (read: Pfizer and Moderna) in no way help against infection with Omicron. Earlier this month, Pfizer’s CEO came into news because he admitted aloud that at … Read more

Recent Research Says Orange Peel Can Lower Cholesterol Up To 40 Percent

AYOINDONESIA.COM – A study revealed that Orange peel turned out to be able to lower the rate cholesterol up to 40 percent. “Two out of five people who have cholesterol high and significant risk of heart disease; and about 6.5 million adults in the UK are currently taking lipid-lowering drugs such as statins,” the National … Read more

Research: Public confidence in autocratic regimes has increased during a pandemic

Public confidence in the governments of democracies has plummeted during the pandemic, while support for autocratic regimes has grown, according to a global survey by the global communications firm Edelman, the Trust Barometer. The study shows that the policies of democratic governments in the fight against the pandemic and the pessimism about the economic situation … Read more

I. Šimonytė: research proves the benefits of “gpass”, criticism of the presidency – “beautiful feature”

The benefits of the Opportunity Passport are proven by international research, and regular criticism of Government decisions by the Presidency becomes a “beautiful feature”, says Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė. “The presidency probably already has such a beautiful ability to criticize everything, something new every week,” the prime minister told reporters in the Seimas on Tuesday. … Read more

The only one in the Eastern Black Sea Region! Started to serve at Kanuni Training and Research Hospital

Trabzonat the Kanuni Training and Research Hospital Kaşüstü Campus in East Blacksea Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic, which is the only one in its region, Uzm. Dr. With Uğur Can Akyol, polyclinic and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy started to serve. WHAT IS HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT)? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a modern and scientific … Read more