UMCG researchers can diagnose allergies in children without blood tests or skin tests

Thanks to a new algorithm, co-developed by researchers at the UMCG, there will no longer be a need for blood tests in children with suspected allergies such as asthma, eczema or hay fever. The researchers developed a special piece of software with artificial intelligence, so that just a stick in the nose will be enough. … Read more

Researchers find the reason why we get sick so often in winter

A virus or bacterium usually enters the body through the nose. The tip of the nose then recognizes the germ immediately, long before it is recognized by the nose itself – i.e. by the main part of our olfactory organ – according to one of the research results. At this point, the immune cells permanently … Read more

Three times two hundred thousand grants for UMCG researchers

With a grant of 200,000 euros each, three researchers from the UMCG can now set up their own first line of research. The three researchers receive the so-called Clinical Fellows grant from ZonMW, which aims to continue to encourage physicians to conduct research at the start of their careers. The Clinical Fellowship is a personal … Read more

Researchers Find Human and Octopus Brain Similarities, Amazing! – The research team, with systems biologist Nikolaus Rajewsky of the Max Delbruck Center of Molecular Medicine as lead author, discovered a trait shared by the human and octopus brains: a broad repertoire of microRNAs in neural tissue. “This, is what connects us to the octopus,” said Rajewsky. Reporting from Sputnik news via HiTekno, … Read more

The researchers reviewed the effects of halides on electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction

Nearly 30 years ago, the Pillars of Creation shocked the astronomy world when they were captured by NASA’s famed Hubble Space Telescope. Now a new generation can enjoy a new, haunting spectacle after the US space agency’s $10 billion (£7.4 billion) James Webb Hyperspace Telescope imaged fingerlike tendrils of gas and dust. Resembling a ghostly … Read more

5 Cloned Creatures That Researchers and Scientists Have Created

loading… There are a number of cloned creatures that are claimed to have been successfully created by researchers in history. DOK wikipedia’s photo JAKARTA – There are a number creature Cloning claimed to have been successfully created by researchers in history. On its use, method clone usually aimed at saving various endangered species that are … Read more

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Diagnose Ovarian Cancer

“The existing modalities are mainly based on the size and shape of the ovarian lesion, which does not provide an accurate diagnosis for previous ovarian cancer and for risk assessment of large adnexal/ovarian lesions,” Zhu said as quoted from the university’s official release via Eurekalert on Thursday (1/12). /2022). Photoacoustic imaging, Zhu said, adds more … Read more

Lupus flare-ups: Researchers shed light on the darkness

Scientists have uncovered the link between UV exposure and flare-ups in lupus. The problem could lie in the communication between the immune and lymphatic systems. In people with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) skin rashes often occur after sun exposure, which are often accompanied by a flare-up of the disease. This connection between UV radiation and … Read more

Researchers reviewed the effects of halides on electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction

<div data-thumb="" data-src="" data-sub-html="In their review, the team explored the role of halide ions on the structure and morphology of electrocatalysts. Then they examined the relationship between the halide ions and the valence states of the active sites on the catalyst surface. Finally, they summarized the mechanisms of halide in enhancing CO2 conversion efficiency. Credit: … Read more