The researchers created a “COVID computer” to speed up diagnosis without rapid tests or PCR

The software analyzes chest CT scans and uses in-depth learning algorithms to accurately diagnose the disease. With an accuracy rate of 97.86%, it is currently the most successful diagnostic tool COVID-19 from the world. Currently, the diagnosis of COVID-19 is based on nucleic acid testing or PCR tests, as they are commonly known. These tests … Read more

Researchers file on applications for drug studies on the unconscious

For almost 20 years, there have been stops in Sweden for clinical drug trials with acutely ill unconscious patients who cannot make their own decision to participate. It has received a lot of criticism over the years because it has hindered research on, among other things, cardiac arrest and stroke. The halt in research has … Read more

Don’t Be Disgusted, Researchers Reveal Benefits of Donors at Stool Banks

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Storing human waste sounds disgusting? Not for some researchers, who say this activity is important to address various health problems through donors. For human patients, the faecal transplantation technique i.e. transferring the microbiome of human feces from a healthy individual to another is currently widely used to treat the condition. Clostridioides … Read more

Canadian researchers identify a new weapon against ischemic stroke

Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press MONTREAL — A drug already commonly used to dissolve clots during heart attacks is also effective in fighting the clots responsible for ischemic strokes, shows one of the largest clinical trials ever conducted in Canada. The study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet and to which researchers from … Read more

Researchers find human rights violations in the response of the governments of Latvia and Lithuania to the migrant crisis in Belarus / Diena

In 2021, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland faced unprecedented challenges caused by a large flow of migration from Belarus, migrants crossing the external border of Belarus and the European Union (EU). As concluded in the just published comparative report developed by the think tank “Providus” and the Lithuanian organization “Diversity Development Group”, the measures implemented by … Read more

Researchers Reveal Signs of Severe Infection Due to COVID-19 Through Sputum!

Jakarta – A study analyzed the viscosity of phlegm from the lungs of severe COVID-19 patients in depth. From these findings, revealed one characteristic of phlegm or mucus that may be the main key to long and severe COVID-19 infection. According to findings published in the journal JCI Insight, three long-fibrous substances were found in … Read more

Graz researchers want to make music recommendations fairer

“You might also like this”: If you listen to music via a streaming platform, you will immediately receive further suggestions based on your own listening habits. However, the underlying algorithms are likely to favor mainstream listeners, who are served more appropriate recommendations than fans of niche genres such as black metal or folk music. With … Read more

Researchers have succeeded in making a dark semiconductor glow

The energy levels of electrons in a solid crystal lattice determine whether or not they can produce light, for example as light emitting diodes (LEDs). In their experiment, physicists at Oldenburg aimed a laser beam at a very thin sample of a semiconductor with various optical components. Image Credit: University of Oldenburg An international team … Read more

Chinese researchers develop ultra-black paint

2022-06-28 11:34:17| BEIJING, June 28, 2022 (Xinhua) Chinese researchers have developed a super-black coating with stable performance, according to the Harbin Institute of Technology. The ultra-black coating can absorb any light falling on it and is widely used in precision optical devices. The ultra-black coating developed by the research team from Harbin Institute of Technology … Read more

Wow, Researchers Find Evidence of Habitable Soil on Mars

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The research team found some evidence that the land on Mars may be habitable for a fairly long period of time. To confirm this, scientists have identified clay-bearing sediments from Mars. One of the soil samples studied came from northern Ladon Valles, a river valley system located on Mars. As a … Read more