An expected absence for the “Reserve”, the holder of the West Asian Football Championship, from the next tournament

Muhannad Jewels – It is expected that the third edition of the West Asian Under-23 Football Championship, which will be held in Saudi Arabia during the period from 3 to 18 November, will witness the absence of the reserve national team from the tournament, although it is the title holder of the last edition during … Read more

The biggest mistake of the “Federal Reserve” in 110 years… What is it?

A great American economist accused Federal Reserve Bank By committing one of the biggest policy mistakes in its 110-year history, considering that the economic crisis looming on the horizon today is only the result of the big mistake committed during the past two years. “The past two years have been one of the biggest policy … Read more

Sharp criticism rained down on the Federal Reserve… How did inflation get out of control?

A CNBC poll of economists, fund managers and strategists showed that there is a 52% chance that the United States will enter a recession in the next 12 months. This comes at a time when the US Federal Reserve has become a target of criticism from investors and markets, considering that it was too late … Read more

10 reasons why the central bank resorted to increasing the mandatory reserve instead

02:10 PM Friday 23 September 2022 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: An official at the Central Bank of Egypt revealed the reasons for the Central Bank of Egypt’s resort to raising the mandatory monetary limit on banks and fixing the interest rate instead of raising the interest rate. The Central Bank of Egypt decided to … Read more

Jerome Powell is following in the footsteps of the Federal Reserve in the eighties. Who is Paul Volcker?

It is no secret to those who follow the policy of the US Federal Reserve that Jerome Powell, the current president, admired the policy of Paul Volcker, the Fed president in the eighties, which focused on Curb inflation at any cost..even went on to call him a hero! There are many factors in common between … Read more

Military mobilization. How does it work in Portugal? Military in reserve would be the first but young people can be called up

Out of 25 million reservist citizens in Russia, Vladimir Putin announced the mandatory recruitment of 300,000 men and women with military experience in the first mobilization in 80 years in the country. There is a first big difference compared to what happens in a democracy like Portugal: in times of peace, contrary to what happens … Read more

The true measure of inflation reveals the failure of the US Federal Reserve to curb it

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" According to data for the month of August, Shelter and rental costs increased by 0.7 percent, the highest level in one month since 1991, and rose Medicare costs By 0.7 percent, the consumer price index, excluding food, rose by 0.7 percent and energy By 0.6 percent compared to July and … Read more

Reserve colonel: Ukrainian victories were also due to the fact that the Russians were not even going to defend the occupied lands

An absolute surprise The interviewer on the air of the news radio reminded that it was some time ago President of Ukraine talked about a plan to take back the Kherson region. “Let’s not forget that Ukrainians, the president of Ukraine Volodymyras Zelenskis a month ago, a month and a half ago, they said that … Read more

The US strategic oil reserve is at its lowest level since 1984

CountryCrude oil inventories in the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve decreased by 8.4 million barrels over the past week, to 434.06 million barrels, the lowest level since October 1984. The US Energy Information Administration said, on Wednesday, that the program to release crude from emergency reserves to commercial stocks is expected to end in October. … Read more

Reserve price of RMB 13.66 million Rare phone number China auction-ePrice.HK

When registering a new mobile phone number, many people will choose their favorite combination of numbers, especially the number used to contact customers, and they will choose the number that is easy to remember or well-meaning. Chinese media recently reported that the Alibaba Assets auction platform recently published a “top-notch number” with a reserve price … Read more