«Antibiotic resistance, the leading cause of death in the world». Symptoms, causes and how it is transmitted

White earsit is alarm also in Italia. The antibiotic-resistant and highly contagious fungus has been present in our country since 2019 and now in the United States cases of infection have multiplied. To reiterate the need to keep attention high is Massimo Andreoni, scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit). … Read more

Molecular ‘superpower’ of resistant bacteria revealed

A common intestinal bacteria we all carry benefits when the intestinal flora is knocked out by an antibiotic treatment. Because the bacterium is resistant and contagious, it causes problems, especially in healthcare. Now a study led by Lund University shows which mechanisms work together to make the bacteria resistant. – With this knowledge, we hope … Read more

HONOR Magic 5 Lite: we tested the resistance and durability of the new smartphone

The device has a special technology and a screen thickness of 0.65mm. He came to Mexico HONOR Magic 5 Litea cell phone whose main promise is the quality and resistance of its screen, designed to withstand bumps and scratches. The company developed the technology HONOR Shield Glasswith which it wants to give users the guarantee … Read more

Photo Exhibition: ‘Ukraine, Stories of Resistance’

The embassies of the Holy See of the United States of America, Ukraine, and Poland, in collaboration with the Polish Institute of Rome, will present a photo exhibit showing the devastation caused by Russia’s occupation of the civilian population of Ukraine. C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News The strength and resistance of the Ukrainian people will … Read more

South Korean plan for 69-hour workweek falls due to too much resistance

Redux / The New York Times SyndicationSeoul commuters NOS News•yesterday, 07:23 Julian Buijzen foreign editor Julian Buijzen foreign editor Working 69 hours a week. If it were up to the South Korean government, it should have been possible soon. But young people, trade unions and the opposition think otherwise: they fear that the plan entails … Read more

17 Signs of Insulin Resistance. Who is at risk, indicated analyses

Insulin resistance increases the risk of diabetes. How it manifests itself, who is at risk and what tests you need to do for blood glucose monitoring. Insulin resistance significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes. What’s even worse is that you could be insulin resistant for years without knowing it because the symptoms are vague … Read more