Researchers join forces to fight antimicrobial resistance

How to prevent bacterial infections and reduce the need for antibiotics? Researchers of Wageningen University & Research, universities in Denmark and the United States are joining forces in a new project: PIG-PARADIGM. The Novo Nordisk Foundation is financing the project with 20.1 million euros. Third leading cause of death Global use of antibiotics is increasing, … Read more

Where did you get the vaccine? Depending on the arm, your resistance to covid varies

As the months go by, science learns more details about the operation and side effects of the vaccines that have been developed to alleviate the most harmful consequences of coronavirus. Since they began to be injected at the end of 2020, various studies have been testing the effectiveness of this remedy against the most serious … Read more

A monk with courage. Priest Augustin Schubert resisted the Nazis until his death

The road to religion The family, which also included František’s four-year-old sister Kamila, lived in Žižkov, which at the time was rather a poorer suburb of workers and small tradesmen, which influenced many of František’s later attitudes. He graduated from a German primary school in Žižkov, then graduated from a grammar school in Štěpánská Street … Read more

The occupiers did not expect such fierce Ukrainian resistance, British intelligence concluded

Russia’s plan to invade Ukraine was likely to be based on the erroneous assumption that the occupying forces would face limited resistance, according to the latest intelligence published by the British Ministry of Defense. Content will continue after the ad Advertising That that Russia underestimated Ukraine resistance and planning for its “best-case scenario” has led … Read more

Do healthy gut bacteria protect against antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

A – healthy – intestinal flora (that is, all micro-organisms (including bacteria) in our intestines) is important for our health. They protect us against infectious pathogens and produce useful substances, such as certain vitamins. If the normal intestinal flora is disrupted, pathogenic bacteria can grow and affect health. The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC Leiden … Read more

Mariupol’s resistance puts the parade at risk. But General Dvornikov: “It will be a gift for Putin”. The Ukrainians’ denunciation: shooting on fleeing civilians

At the cost of organizing a parade-farce, with the prisoners who will march among the rubble, bound together and “accompanied” by Russian soldiers, Moscow does not seem to want to give up the May 9 parade in Mariupol, despite the denials of the chief of cabinet Peskov , which postpones the celebrations in the port … Read more

Myanmar’s Military Elite Is Wracked With Fear Due to Rising Popular Resistance – Myanmar’s military elite is wracked with fear. This kind of fear has not been seen before since the military staged its first coup in 1962 led by the late General Ne Win. The fear and anxiety that surrounds dictators and their followers after taking power by force is a normal psychological condition, but … Read more

“Rytas” broke the Dzūk resistance only in the fourth quarter

In the first match of the quarter-finals of the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL) at the home of Vilnius Rytas 76:63 (21:15, 12:14, 22:17, 21:17) defeated the basketball players of Alytus “Dzūkija” and broke forward in the series with three victories – 1: 0. Rytas started the match better (8: 3), but two three-pointers in a … Read more

BAC 2022 Results: Give Fierce Resistance, Shesar Hiren Keok 2 Sets Directly from Lee Zii Jia

INDOSPORT.COM – The following are the results of the 2022 Badminton Asia Championship (BAC) round of 16 between Shesar Hiren Rhustavito vs Lee Zii Jia. The Indonesian representative fell in two straight sets with a score of 14-21, 20-22. The Badminton Asia Championship (BAC) 2022 badminton tournament is now entering its third day, where a … Read more

What is the relationship between insulin resistance and diabetes? Insulin resistance symptoms! Dr. Jan Klod Kayuka wrote…

Advice for those with insulin resistance Take care to consume foods with low glycemic index. Exercise regularly every day. Participate in sports activities such as fitness and aerobics Take a walk for at least 30 minutes a day Avoid consuming fruits with high sugar content as much as possible Start the day with a healthy … Read more