Laporta on salary cuts: Everything has been resolved

Barcelona President Joan Laporta has decided to dispel any doubts about the current situation with the proposal to reduce the salaries of players in the team. Barcelona needs to reduce the wages of old and old stars, in order to improve the difficult economic situation that the club is going through. Sergio Busquets was one … Read more

Applause for the hated Russians? Overseas NHL stuck in gray zone, sanctions not resolved

On the contrary, overseas in this direction pretend not to fumble. Russian hockey players continue to play in their clubs, many in the battles for the Stanley Cup are bright and the spectators love their art and talent. Hockey was fun even without the Russians. And what else? Enough humiliation, legend says “It’s an extremely … Read more

After Salah resolved his matter with Liverpool .. Mane responds to the “continuation question”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Contract expires Sadio Mane With the end of next season, doubts still exist about his future, with reports that he could move to Bayern Munich. Speaking on Wednesday, "Sky Sports"The 30-year-old Senegalese player said: "This question (about my future) will be answered later Champions League". He added: "After the Champions … Read more

The wild boar emergency will be resolved by swine fever and will be a defeat for everyone

Share In fifth grade I took part in a trip to Castelporziano, inside the reserve of the President of the Republic. I remember two things from that experience. The enthusiasm of having seen a herd of fallow deer for the first time. And the sorrow for not being able to see, from the minibus that … Read more

In Klaipeda, the conflict was resolved with a knife: one man died and the other in a hospital

On Friday evening, Klaipėda police officers visited Debreceno Street more than once. There were two different crimes just a minute apart, but the age of the suspect and the place of the crime are the same. According to the police summary, on Friday, at about 20.46, Debreceno str. there was a conflict in the house. … Read more

Major Xbox Live Outage: Game Launch and Cloud Gaming Affected (Resolved) | Xbox One

Several players are having problems at the start of the weekend with Xbox Live. the SAV Xbox confirmed a major outage that has been dragging on for a little while now. Article update: Microsoft has just announced that the issues mentioned below should now be resolved. You should then be able to launch your games … Read more

A Polish court has resolved an “unsolvable” case with a dead girl and twins

There were two brothers in the car at the fateful moment, identical twins with the same DNA. However, the court sent one of the brothers to prison for six years, forbade him to drive for the rest of his life, and ordered him to pay compensation to the mother and father of the dead girl. … Read more

Heavy Easter traffic – traffic jam at the Gotthard resolved during the night – News

The traffic jam in front of the Gotthard tunnel on the A2 because of the Easter return traffic cleared up at 1 a.m. in the morning. This was announced by the Ticino cantonal police. In the early Monday afternoon, traffic was still backed up for 15 kilometers. Some of the holidaymakers had already started their … Read more