There is a lot of hustle and bustle at Mari Törőcsik’s house: the neighbor spoke

By now, the home of Mari Törőcsik, who died in April, has become a house of pilgrimage. Margitka, who was the Actor of the Nation for decades, and who keeps the building in order to this day, spoke to Bors. According to the neighbor, traffic on the street has increased significantly in recent months. By … Read more

Ferrari talks about Vettel without even naming him, fans in revolt: Respect him

Before Aston Martin appealed for the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari announced the third place of Carlos Sainz on Twitter: “Carlos Sainz was promoted to third position following the disqualification of the runner-up”. The Rossa, therefore, has chosen not to name Vettel, speaking only of the runner-up, triggering the reaction of Aston Martin but also … Read more

Vondroušová won not only Olympic silver in Tokyo, but also respect

Markéta Vondroušová in Tokyo amazed the whole world, not just tennis. The 22-year-old Czech tennis player, who was indiscriminately criticized after unconvincing performances before the very start of the Olympic tournament, responded with famous performances culminating in medals. In addition to gold, he was missing a step. It seems like a fairy tale, but Vondroušová … Read more

No one bothered to tell us • RESPECT

At the last minute, the CSSD leadership was transferring the South Moravian candidate to the parliamentary elections. He deposed the head of the South Moravian cell of the party and the mayor of Brno’s Líšeň, Břetislav Štefan, from the first place – and was replaced by the long-time party matador Roman Onderka, a deputy and … Read more

Sherihan after the success of “Coco Chanel” I am proud of my ability to make you happy with respect and without compromise, madam

The artist commented Sherihan, for the first time on the success of her new play “Coco Chanel”, which represents her first return to artistic work after an absence of 20 years, stressing her feeling of pride because she was a source of happiness, and presented a work worthy of the love, respect and appreciation of … Read more

Why the current selection of games deserves more respect • JPGAMES.DE

Okay, I’ll admit right at the beginning: I was anything but enthusiastic about the new July line-up from Nintendo Switch Online. Jelly Boy, Claymates and Bombuzal for SNES. I didn’t jump in circles, I actually find that pretty unattractive. But if you fade out for a moment that Nintendo Switch Online is not the Xbox … Read more

Brother of Yasmine Abdelaziz: “Respect privacy… and pray for it.”

After hours of tension experienced by the artist’s audience, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, and her friends, following the announcement of her illness and her presence in intensive care, her brother, the artist Wael Abdel Aziz, asked journalists and pioneers of communication sites not to publish incorrect statements or photos about his sister’s health condition, and to … Read more

The Czech problem with Ivan Bartoš • RESPECT

When opinion polls this winter suggested that the Pirates-STAN coalition could win the parliamentary elections, the Czechia looked like a country that was making fun of Europe. Are you serious? some politicians and journalists in Brussels asked. Are you saying that the oligarch will be replaced by a nonconformist with dreadlocks with the past of … Read more