““I’m not afraid of arrest” female model, ‘no exposure’ bold outfit in Qatar…“Please respect”” – The Herald Economy

On the 23rd and 28th, when the Croatia match was held at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Ibina is taking a play pose wearing bold clothes with a red checkerboard pattern and visiting the stadium. [인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]Despite Qatar’s ban on exposure during the 2022 World Cup, a female model wears a boldly revealing costume … Read more

Don’t forget men • RESPECT

Once every three years, a wave of envy regularly rises in the world’s media. Its source is regularly Finland, a numerically small country in the north of Europe with remarkable results in education. The international agency PISA, established by the developed countries of the OECD, always publishes the results of comparative tests, and Finland always … Read more

Nine candidates made it to the presidential election. Janeček, Diviš and Březina appeal against elimination • RESPECT

Only nine names were registered by the Ministry of the Interior for the January presidential election, the first round of which takes place in a month and a half. It is not even half of the total applications that the interior received: they were twenty-two in total, with one received after the deadline, and thus … Read more

There are eight billion of us. Four megatrends of the world population • RESPECT

When the English economist Thomas Robert Malthus warned in his famous “Essay on the Principle of Population” that the planet could not support a growing population and therefore terrible famines would come, not even a billion people lived on Earth. The text from the late 18th century was extremely influential, standing at the birth of … Read more

The communists expelled them, they also survived the loss of a baby. Juraj Kukura still talks to his wife out of respect

I always say, and it is still true, that my home is where my wife is, says Juraj Kukura. The audience loved him, the communists hated him. Juraj Growth was one of the youngest actors who acquired the title of meritorious artist, but it was later taken away from him. While filming abroad, he was … Read more

Is Europe facing a “perfect storm”? The migration drama is added to the energy crisis • RESPECT

In global politics with a deadline perfect storm, a perfect storm, refers to the concurrence of several major crises at once. And quite possibly we are also slumbering on the European horizon. In addition to Russia’s war against Ukraine, expensive energy and double-digit inflation, the number of foreigners trying to get to Europe through its … Read more

Who will pay for it? • RESPECT

Daniel Křetínský is undoubtedly a successful businessman. In the summer, his Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH) broke into the top of the Czech Top 100 list of the largest Czech companies for the first time in history, where it replaced the long-time number one Škoda Auto. Sales were evaluated for the previous year, when Křetínského’s … Read more

Lecce teaches the first lesson of the season: we deserve respect!

<!– –> <!– –> Lecce manages to make the game their own more complicated, not the most difficult, of the championship so far. After the convincing draw against Udinese and the more than that deserved victory against Atalanta, the triptych of games in a week, before the break, ended in Genoa against Sampdoria, with others … Read more

Son in the national team, then Irgl returned to Třinec. Respect like that is not carried around much, he thinks

Although Zbyněk Irgl has not yet officially announced the end of his career, there is significantly less hockey in his life. However, he enjoyed two holiday events on Thursday and Friday. He first saw the debut of his son Denis in the goal of the national team, a day later he went out on the … Read more

Crisis dem, the analysis of Letta? “Everyone against the Democratic Party, M5s and Action are attacking us instead of the government. We demand respect”. Calenda: “Weep”

“We are the subject of a daily “opposition to opposition“And this is the background to the congress and affects its development in the public narrative”. The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta writes to Corriere della Sera and complains of a too harsh attitude towards his own party on the part of the other … Read more