Belmadi after the shocking defeat: I love the challenge and take responsibility

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" وقال Belmadi At a press conference after a confrontation Algeria and Guinea Tropical, it "A man who loves challenges", adding that "I believe that the team can reach the next round". explained that Algerian National Team He will strive to win against Ivory Coast in the last match of the … Read more

R.Povilaitis: without Gorbachev’s responsibility, justice for January 13 is incomplete

The lawsuit was filed with the Vilnius City District Court on the night of January 13, exactly 31 years after the tragic events that killed 14 Freedom Defenders and injured hundreds. The plaintiffs include six relatives of Vidas Maciulevičius, Algimantas Petras Kavoliukas, Virginijus Druskis and Apolinaras Juozas Povilaitis. Last spring, the Lithuanian Court of Appeal … Read more

‘You are going to be left without mayors’… Narcomanta against Cuauhtémoc Blanco claimed responsibility for the murder of the mayor in Xoxocotla

Members of organized crime claimed responsibility for the assassination of the president of the Indigenous Municipal Council of Xoxocotla, Morelos, Benjamin Lopez Palacios and threatened the governor Cuauhtemoc Blanco Bravo with killing other mayors. This Wednesday, two blankets appeared in Ixtla Bridge, addressed to Cuauhtémoc Blanco with a message stating that the former head of … Read more

The black market for non-vaccines

A lady of what the classics would call of high society decided that she would not be vaccinated. Like Paty Navidad or Miguel Bosé, I was convinced that the matter was a hoax destined to turn us into laboratory sheep. But even if he didn’t believe it, it seemed inconceivable to get into the bloodstream … Read more

“It is time for Bruno Venanzi to take responsibility. These are his decisions, it is his club”

Little present in the media for many months, Olivier Renard gave an interview to the Rossel group media. The former sports director returns to many subjects. Party for two years in Canada, Olivier Renard has decided to respond to the numerous attacks against it. Because for the former goalkeeper, “the vase is overflowing and it’s … Read more

Ji Hyun-woo Am I just a bad guy, take responsibility? Drunk with Park Se-hee, serious Gentleman and lady

‘Gentleman and Lady’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) ‘Gentleman and Lady’ Ji Hyun-woo blamed Lee Se-hee. In the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 26th, Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyun-woo) and Jo Jo-ra (Park Ha-na) were on a date that he did not like and then got … Read more

Municipal chief physician about religious leaders: – They fail in their responsibility

This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease. Stay up to date in NRK’s ​​overview, or through FHIs nettsider. Municipal chief physician Bjørn Martin Aasen is upset because he believes that some religious leaders have actively influenced people not to get vaccinated. – It … Read more

It is planned to establish administrative responsibility for aggressive behavior towards other people

In order to reduce the aggressive manifestations of persons against other members of society, the Saeima on Wednesday in the first reading supported the amendments to the law, which are intended to establish administrative liability for aggressive behavior. According to the Saeima press service, it is planned that administrative liability can be applied for aggressive … Read more

Boris, historic defeat: Tory stronghold lost “The responsibility is mine”

London. “It is clear that the result in North Shropshire is extremely disappointing.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can only say this after the shocking victory of the Liberal Democrats in the by-election in a conservative-majority college for two hundred years. Six thousand votes of difference between the winner Helen Morgan and the candidate of … Read more

Martinique University Hospital appeals to everyone’s responsibility

TRIBUNE – Your CHU calls on everyone’s responsibility! The CHU is going through a very alarming crisis: rebound of the epidemic still mourning many families, shortage and exhaustion of nursing and medical staff, repeated postponements of care for non-COVID pathologies … The fate of Martinicans’ health is escaping the pillar that is our Public Hospital. … Read more