An IP address change on a WAN router responsible for the latest global Microsoft 365 outage

Microsoft has identified more specifically in a rapport preliminary the reasons for the outage that on January 25 affected several of its Azure services for more than 5 hours globally. As the Redmond company had put forward the hypothesis, it is indeed a WAN update on a router which is the source of the failure. … Read more

In Ukraine, those responsible for the scandalous food procurement of the Ministry of Defense have been dismissed / Article

This happened after it appeared in the Ukrainian press news of suspicious purchasesin which the Ministry of Defense bought the food needed to feed the soldiers at much higher prices: two to three times higher than in the store. Edition At the disposal of “Zerkalo Week”. documents have arrived regarding food procurement concluded at the … Read more

Ukraine is facing accusations: the Department of Defense vehemently denies! Someone else will be responsible for this

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense on Sunday denied media reports that it had signed a contract to buy overpriced food. The AFP agency reports that the scandal would be the worst case of corruption in the Ukrainian army since the outbreak of the Russian invasion last February. Ukrainian media on Saturday accused the Ministry of Defense … Read more

Investigation into a massacre: those responsible for the Buča crimes (Video)

For eight months, New York Times reporters worked to identify the names of the victims and perpetrators of one of the worst atrocities of the war in Ukraine: the Bucha massacre, which took place in March 2022 in a suburb of Kiev. And to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts. A team of investigative reporters … Read more

Cancer. Scientists identify protein responsible for metastasis

IResearchers from Queen Mary University, King’s College London and the Francis Crick Institute, in the United Kingdom, have identified a protein responsible for the metastasis of melanoma-type cancer, according to the conclusions of a study published in the scientific journal Nature Cell Biology. After analyzing melanoma cells with different levels of severity, the scientists found … Read more

A video confirms that in the accident in which eight cars collided, the responsible Tesla did brake suddenly

Last November, a road accident occurred in San Francisco, California, in which a 2021 Tesla Model S stopped unexpectedly, which triggered a eight car crash; the electric driver said that the Autopilot was on at the time of the incident. A update of the news was given today thanks to the fact that the journalist … Read more

New responsible for Sports Medicine of the ASL: appointed Carmine Di Muro

Carmine Di Muro was identified, with resolution 1178 of last December, as the new company manager of Sports Medicine pending the selective procedures for the definitive assignment of the management role of the complex operating unit. Di Muro, 63, graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pisa and specialized in Sports Medicine and … Read more

The one-man regime is responsible for this

WALL – Former HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş, who has been imprisoned in Edirne F Type Prison for 6 years, asked three questions to the government regarding the allegation brought up by journalist Murat Ağırel that “the drug ‘Iclusig’, which is given to patients by state institutions, is fake”. Emphasizing the elections, Demirtaş said, “Don’t worry, … Read more

Surprise at Can Barça with Ter Stegen and Balde: Xavi is responsible

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