Bar exam results show AI can compete with “human lawyers” GPT-4 AI model scored 297 on US bar exam

Artificial intelligence can now outperform most law school graduates on the bar exam, the grueling two-day test that aspiring lawyers must pass to practice law in the United States, according to a new study released Wednesday. GPT-4, the enhanced artificial intelligence model released this week by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, scored 297 on the bar exam in … Read more

Instagram puts ads in search results – IT Pro – News

Somehow it’s bizarre how sickly much money is going around with such ‘pictures and videos’ platform. It’s not just the ads from the app itself (which is apparently in the tens of billions), but don’t forget the ‘sponsored’ stuff that big instagrammers themselves get for some product placement. Then ironically Tiktok seems to be the … Read more

The State Forest Office set a record: in 2022 the results are the best in the history of the company

Valdas Kaubrė, Director General of the State Forestry Agency (SMU). The State Forest Office ended 2022 with record results – according to unaudited data, last year the company received 320 million. EUR 127.5 million in revenue (compared to 205.9 million in 2021). pre-tax profit (44.5 in 2021). This is the company’s highest income and profit, … Read more

Morten Thoresen’s election worries Felix Baldauf and Exauce Mukubu – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– I think it is very sad that it should turn out like this, says Exauce Mukubu to NRK. He and Baldauf chose to trust the new Norwegian plan with sporting director Thor Hyllegaard and coach Szymon Kogut from the Danish national team, while Thoresen wanted to maintain the collaboration with Fritz Aanes and Stig-André … Read more

Results of Muhammadiyah Tarjih National Conference on Adding Fajr Time to 8 Minutes

Results of Muhammadiyah Tarjih National Conference on Adding Fajr Time to 8 Minutes YOGYAKARTA, Voice of Muhammadiyah – Time has a very important meaning for Muslim communities around the world. Time doesn’t just mark the turn of the day, month, or year. The movement of time through the rotating hands on the clock also revolves … Read more

Madelen (21) says she was punished by refusing food – big team responds to serious debts – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

In the summer of 2022, Holme signed for the Spanish big club Levante. Bergensaren had impressed Toppserie club Arna Bjørnar, and wanted to try something new. Although several European clubs were interested, he wanted to go to Spain. – It was very good at the start, says Holme to NRK. The 21-year-old impresses on loan … Read more

The results of the research conducted by the experts created great surprise. Those who couldn’t do this move had an 84 percent higher risk of dying.

In Brazil, 2,000 people between the ages of 50 and 75 were evaluated. It has been proven that those who cannot stand on one leg have an 84 percent higher risk of dying. Here are the striking and research and results… Not being able to stand on one leg for 10 seconds is a big … Read more

– Take a bowl and laugh in a corner – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

Mario Stecher, who is Austria’s head of sports in jumping and combined, believes that it is too early for all women to jump ski flying, and is unsure whether he wants more ski flying competitions in the future. – I have an open mind. It can work, but it can also be very dangerous, says … Read more

Morant recovering from today’s absence, he could return as soon as Thursday against the Rockets_Shams_Grizzlies_Investigation Results

Original title: Morant regained his body and missed the game today. He will return against the Rockets on Thursday as soon as possible. Beijing time on March 21st, Mingji Shams talked about Grizzlies star Ja Morant when he was a guest on a podcast. Shams revealed that he was told that Morant would return against … Read more