a shorter and shorter return on investment

L’The era of a long return on investment in energy transition, particularly renewable energies, is visibly over in Morocco. Remember that since 2009, with the advent of the Moroccan Solar Plan, investments amounting to several billion dirhams have been made nationally by both the public and private sectors (national and international investors, companies). At the … Read more

Great return. Letná will have a former representative who has signed two titles

Prague Sparta reports a big return. After fourteen years, a former representative will appear on Letná again, signing two championship titles. Will it help the team to return to the Czech throne? With Sparta, he celebrated two championship titles and three triumphs in the home cup. He played a total of 114 league matches for … Read more

Cristian Rivero announces the return of ‘La Voz Perú’ and assures that he is not afraid to compete with ‘Al fondo hay lugar’ |IMP | SHOWS

The host Cristian Rivero commented that he was excited about the premiere of ‘La Voz Perú 2022’, which returns to television on July 4 on the screens of Latina and in prime time, in addition, he stressed that he is not worried about competing with ‘Al fondo there is room’ because he applauds the fact … Read more

Holidays 2022. Return of tourists with the Itaka office. “There are well over 100 of these operations”

As reported by TVN24 Business, some tourists from Poland who went on holiday abroad with the Itaka travel agency have a problem returning to the country. All because one of the carriers who had a signed contract with the office refused to send one machine. For this reason, the entire network of air connections to … Read more

A 19 year old goes out with his board in the lake but does not return to shore (PHOTO): ongoing operation of divers and aquatic rescue. The area monitored by helicopter and drones

BOLZANO Inflatables, divers and underwater rescuers in action in South Tyrol. A search for a 19-year-old is underway. The alert went off in the late afternoon of today, Sunday 26 June, at the great lake of Monticolo for a boy of Andriano who would have gone out into the waters with the sup board without … Read more

TAP flight to Brazil forced to return due to death on board

A death on board a TAP plane heading to São Paulo, Guarulhos airport, in Brazil, forced the flight back to Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, in Porto, this Saturday. It is not known what the causes of death were. The flight in question, TP81, departed Porto at 12:45 pm, but had to interrupt the journey about … Read more

Brendan Fraser became the star of movie hits and disappeared without a word! He is now announcing a spectacular return alongside the biggest names, but problems have changed him in this way

Brendan Fraser was one of the most popular actors of the 90’s, but he disappeared from the scene practically overnight. What problems were behind his unexpected departure? You are sure to remember action adventure movies such as The Mummy, Journey to the Center of the Earth or Ink Hearts. Brendan Fraser he was at the … Read more

Johnny Depp could return as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

The legendary American actor has been present again on social networks after a video was released where Disney he used his image again in one of his theme parks. Last June 18, Elisa (@deppressead), user of Twitter, posted a video where you can see how in the middle of the light show they were doing … Read more

Abortion, Meloni: “The US should not be compared to Italy, we are for prevention”. Conte: “We will not allow a return to the past”

“To whom also uses the sentence of the American Court on the subject of abortion for attack Brothers of Italyraving about proposals for abolition of law 194is obliged to point out some fairly trivial issues: the USA and Italy have profoundly different legal systems and that they cannot be compared“. Like this Giorgia Melonireached on … Read more

Opening the door for Russia and Belarus players to return to Wimbledon next season

d b a Posted on: Saturday, June 25, 2022 – 1:32 PM | Last update: Saturday 25 June 2022 – 1:32 PM Sally Bolton, chief executive of the All England Club, which organizes Wimbledon tennis, announced that the decision to ban Russian and Belarus players from participating in the tournament may be limited to this … Read more