It is revealed that “Assassin’s Creed: Infinite” will be released in September and set to Japan and play as a ninja | XFastest News

According to well-known game journalist Jeff Grubb, the “Assassin’s Creed: Infinite” that Ubisoft is developing will be a constantly updated platform that will continue to provide players with online services and will have a variety of games or settings. Allegedly, “Assassin’s Creed: Infinite” will be launched in two configurations, one corresponding to “Project Red”, which … Read more

Jung Tae-woo ♥ Jang In-hee bikini body revealed… Even the son with abs TEN

Actor Jung Tae-woo’s family went on vacation. Recently, Lee Da-eun posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption, “Hidden spot we only know in Jeju, a honey-like family vacation after 3 weeks of filming in the hottest weather #Salimnam #Jeju”. In the published photo, Jung Tae-woo, his wife Jang In-hee, and their two … Read more

Expected domestic indie ‘Project Relic’, gameplay revealed

A domestic indie game with impressive graphics and battles aimed at high-quality action Project RelicA new video has been released. Project Cloud Games has released a gameplay video of Project Relic through its official channel. Like the previous video, the UI part was not displayed separately, only the game scene was included, but the Korean … Read more

Al-Shahroura Sabah swore on the night of the wedding day to divorce Rushdi Abaza from Dungean immediately.. When they asked her about the reason, she revealed to the public his special status that no one knows about! !

The artist Sabah is considered one of the most prominent Lebanese artists along with Fairuz and Wadih El-Safi. Her career spanned from the mid-1940s until the 2000s. But the remarkable thing is that for years she kept a secret marriage story that she collected with the great Egyptian artist Rushdi Abaza for only 24 hours. … Read more

Manuel Ojeda: the causes of his death are revealed: “He had been feeling bad for months”

On August 11, the entertainment world dressed in mourning for the sudden departure of the first actor Manuel Ojeda, at 81 years old. It was the National Association of Actors (ANDA) who released the news and expressed its condolences to Ojeda’s family. Although at that time the causes of the actor’s death were not disclosed, … Read more

A major shock… The revelation of the secret religion of the artist “Dalal Abdel Aziz”, which she hid from everyone, even from her husband, Samir Ghanem, and revealed after the death of the poor man?

2022/08/14 It’s 09:15 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Department of English Language, from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, and entered the field of acting and participated in many series, plays and films. And the great Egyptian artist, who has a large fan base throughout the Arab world, … Read more

You will not believe what happened during the washing of the late artist Dalal Abdel Aziz? .. Shams Al-Baroudi shocked everyone and revealed a difficult and painful scene that she could not forget .. Heart-breaking details?

2022/08/14 It’s 02:45 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite After the death of the great artist Dalal Abdel Aziz, several rumors and speculation spread on many sites and media pages. False rumors about the participation of the two retired artists: Shams Al-Baroudi and Suhair Al-Babli in washing and shrouding the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, but … Read more

Accused of cheating on Ferdy Sambo, AKP Rita Yuliana’s true nature is revealed

IntipSeleb Lokal – AKP Rita Yuliana being in the spotlight after being hit by rumors of being an affair with the Inspector General Ferdy Sambo. Even, Rita Yuliana promised to provide clarification on outstanding issues. In the midst of the issue of being Ferdy Sambo’s mistress, AKP Rita Yuliana revealed her first meeting with someone. … Read more

MultiVersus: Release Date Revealed For First Season Of The Game | 4Gamers Thailand

Sunday, August 14, 2022, 18 o’clock, 05 minutes, 45 seconds, Indochina time MultiVersus A platform fighting game that brings various characters of Warner Bros. Let’s compete with each other It has proven to be incredibly popular since entering the range. Open Beta for the first time, and some people believe MultiVersus With over 10 million … Read more

Revealed the reason for Bripka Matthew Marey, Ferdy Sambo’s aide, could become a police officer even though he has tattoos, here’s the explanation

GORONTALO TERRACE – Now death case Brigadier J has entered a new phase. The figure currently in the spotlight is the former Head of Propam Ferdy Sambo who has been named a suspect in the death case Brigadier J. In addition to his role as the former head of the Propam Division, aide from Ferdy … Read more