The electric car revolution is coming from China. At the charging speed, they finally equalize the refueling of the burners

The Chinese carmaker Aion, which belongs to the Guangzhou Automobile Corporation, carries a lot of controversy around it. She had previously reported that she would soon “overtake Tesla”, which she was clearly not doing well yet. Now, however, it comes up with a breakthrough technology that charges the electric car from 0 to 80% in … Read more

Daymé Arocena responds to those who allude to her race to brand her as “ungrateful with the revolution”

The Cuban singer, Daymé Arocena, responded harshly to racist publications on social networks that allude to her race to brand her as ungrateful for not supporting the Revolution, which allegedly would have given her the opportunity to succeed as an artist. The prominent interpreter published on Facebook the capture of one of those publications – … Read more

An evolution, not yet a revolution

After a succession of meetings that were little expected, the ECB meeting on July 22 looked more promising. By shaking up the initial schedule once again, the Frankfurt institution raised expectations by unveiling the conclusions of its strategic review a few days earlier, an exercise which consists of a deep analysis of the framework of … Read more

Solid-state battery: when will the e-car revolution finally come into production?

In this laboratory, the researchers from VW partner QuantumScape are working on the future technology. QuantumScape The solid-state battery should finally help e-mobility achieve a breakthrough. It is significantly more compact, increases the range, shortens the charging times and is at the same time safer. Two American and one Chinese companies in particular are working … Read more

Watch the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with the participation of the Egyptian delegation “video”

/ 641696/ see-the-opening-ceremony-of-Olympics-Tokyo-2020-with-the-Egyptian-Mission-participation-video Today, Friday, the world is witnessing the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, through the opening ceremony, which includes participating missions from various countries of the world, in which Egypt participates with its largest delegation, and Dot Al Khaleej reviews the date and channels of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo … Read more

The frequency of the open channels that carry the match between Egypt and Spain today in the Tokyo Olympics, Egypt VS Spain Olympics

The frequency of the open channels that carry the match between Egypt and Spain today in the Tokyo Olympics is what fans of the round witch of the Egyptian team participating in the Tokyo Olympics football are looking for, and we will provide you with the details of today’s most important matches in local and … Read more

AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest Night 2 results

AEW Fyest Fest Night 2 Recap (Dynamite July 21) AEW Fyter Fest Nuit 2 Garland, Texas. Commentators are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur. – Tonight it’s AEW Dynamite, the show starts with the commentators welcoming us. Chris Jericho’s music begins and he arrives in the ring. MJF takes his place with the commentators for … Read more

Netmarble Marvel Future Revolution released a new video featuring Seo Yi-sook

Enter 2021.07.19 11:14 Edited 2021.07.19 11:14 Netmarble (CEO Young-sik Kwon, Seung-won Lee) announced on the 19th that it has released a new promotional video for the mobile open world action RPG ‘Marvel Future Revolution’ scheduled to be released in the second half of the year. The promotional video was created with the concept of briefing … Read more

Leading a great revolution .. Japan breaks the world record for data transmission speed

A new technology developed by Japanese engineers has broken the previous data transfer speed record. Over an optical cable of more than 3,000 km in length, the team achieved a data transfer speed of 319 terabytes per second (Tb/s). Not only does this break the previous record of 178 TB/s, but the technology is compatible … Read more