Leaks reveal 3 revolutionary changes in the “iPhone 13”

Forbes of America monitors smart and practical improvements Press reports revealed the new leaks of the “iPhone 13” phone from the American company “Apple”, which includes 3 revolutionary changes and updates. And the American magazine “Forbes” published a report monitoring the smart and practical improvements in the “iPhone 13” phone, so that its shape became … Read more

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Ship Raid US Coast Guard Ship in Persian Gulf

loading… WASHINGTON – Revolutionary Guard Ship Iran (IRGC) was reported to have interfered with the Coast Guard ship United States of America (US) in the Persian Gulf earlier this month. The first clash this year was reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). US Navy officials confirmed to the newspaper that three fast attack boats … Read more

Leaks reveal revolutionary changes in “Android 12”

Google Sources: Different from all previous versions International press reports revealed a number of new information leaked about the revolutionary changes that the upcoming Android 12 version will witness. And the “GSM Arena” technical website quoted sources from within the “Google” company that the update of “Android 12” will be different from all previous Android … Read more

The potential of hydrogen is huge. Toyota is developing a revolutionary combustion engine with minimal emissions

Hydrogen is already making itself known more and more, and it seems that its future is quite attractive and real for some producers. The full hydrogen Mirai model from the Japanese carmaker Toyota even entered the Slovak market for the first time. The brand does not expect significant sales, the primary task of the novelty … Read more

8 Muslim Revolutionary Discoveries in World History, from Coffee to Algebra Page all

KOMPAS.com – Mathematics, medical science, philosophy, engineering, and also food that are developing today, you may have known that some of them are influenced by the inventors Muslim. Here 8 Muslim revolutionary inventions in world history which is the root of the development of life today, as quoted from Have Halal Will Travel (HHWT): Also … Read more

Today’s technology – a revolutionary feature in iPhones as Apple changes its privacy policy

Apple said on Tuesday that the next major update to the iPhone operating system, known as iOS 14.5, will be released “next week.” Apple revealed the details yesterday, during the announcement of new products released by the company. IOS 14.5 contains a lot of new features, but the feature that is considered “revolutionary” and is … Read more

Crip Camp, revolutionary disabilities. The Obama doc is a beacon in the year of Covid

Crip CampCrip Camp Oscar or not Oscar, Crip Camp, revolutionary disabilities he has already entered the Olympus of documentaries to see, study, share. He entered it for a very simple reason: it tells an extraordinary story at a time when there is a huge need for it. The story is that of a group of … Read more

Facebook and Instagram incorporate a revolutionary function

The idea of ​​Instagram is that people focus more on content and less on popularity. This would help improve the well-being of users on the social network. On the other hand, leaked that Facebook also intends to hide the likes counter. However, it would only begin testing this alternative towards the end of the year. … Read more

Elon Musk unveils a revolutionary internet service … and this is what he said!

SpaceX CEO said, Elon Musk, The Starlink service provided by SpaceX via satellite, should be “fully mobile” by the end of the year, which means that customers can use it in moving vehicles or at different addresses. Will users always be locked into one location or in the future if a user has the standard … Read more