The story of wisdom: Abu Nawas found a bag of money, but this reward was received from the owner – At one time the country of Baghdad was experiencing a period of famine, many farms failed and the market was empty of buyers. Of course this condition greatly affects the people, many people who experience difficulties are no exception Abu Nawas. He and his wife sometimes had to fast because there was no … Read more

“Tim will be slimmer. And with less debt the market will reward us »-

The way to grow again has just been defined. uphill and passes through the separation of the network and the relaunch of Tim’s consumer and business activities. A challenge that Pietro Labriola took up eight months ago by taking over the leadership of the telephone group, to ground a plan that marks a turning point, … Read more

Lydia, about to give birth, convinces Matthew to have a vasectomy, asks for 3 diamonds, reward for the 3rd pregnancy

Lydia is about to give birth, convinces Matthew to have a sterilization, close the garage for sure, begging her husband to ask for 3 diamonds for the 3rd child’s pregnancy prize Follow the news, press follow, live news Lydia is close to giving birth / entering the final curve near the birth of the third … Read more

Ganjar Affirms that PDIP is not prohibited from going outside the region

Jakarta – Governor of Central Java Pranowo reward emphasized that he was not banned from leaving the area by PDIP. He said the issue was not true and according to him there was always a permit when leaving the area. “No, it’s not forbidden (outside the area),” said Ganjar, quoted from the video footage obtained … Read more

German taxi driver is disappointed with the reward for finding Neuer’s wallet

Source: 1. FC Köln Russia still hasn’t stopped its invasion of Ukraine, and it’s paying for it in the sports world as well. In football, for example, Russian clubs cannot play in European cups. However, this is not enough for some. One Bundesliga club has now called on UEFA to ban clubs from the country … Read more

Neuer loses his wallet, taxi driver travels 120 km to return it. The reward is a shirt. “A mockery” –

from Salvatore Riggio The disappointment of the driver who was waiting for a different thank you from the Bayern Munich goalkeeper: “I have four children, I can’t do anything with a shirt” Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper of Bayern Munich and the German national team, ended up at the center of controversy for an episode that happened … Read more

Apple to offer $2 million reward to hackers who successfully bypass iOS 16’s Lockdown mode Designed to protect high-risk people from cyberattacks

Apple will offer a $2 million reward, the highest reward amount in the industry, to hackers who successfully bypass iOS 16 Lockdown Mode. Lockdown Mode is a defense mode for those at high risk of cyberattacks ( world leaders, celebrities, lobbies, journalists, activists, etc.) that allows them to stay in communication while limiting the risk … Read more