Rēzekne SEZ “Companies of the Year” have been clarified :: Dienas Bizness

SIA “Verems” and JSC “Rēzeknes dzirnavnieks” have been recognized as Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ) “Enterprises of the Year”, Rēzekne SEZ representatives inform. Companies were evaluated in several nominations – “Product of the Year”, “Service of the Year”, “Exporter of the Year”, “Cooperation Partner of the Year”, “Innovation of the Year”, “Most Environmentally Friendly Company”, … Read more

The Rēzekne big band invites you to the “Summer cocktail” / Article

The concert will take place on the small outdoor stage at the Latgale Embassy “Gors”. Lauris Amantovs about the Rēzekne big band concert 00:00 / 00:31 Download Lāsma Zute-Vītola / Latvian Radio The big band’s artistic director – trombonist, jazz musician Lauris Amantovs tells more about the mood of the concert: “We have a wonderful … Read more

Organist Baiba Betlere vargaņspieli vuica in Rēzekne, Jākubpils, Aglyuna i Stabuļnīkūs / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

At the same time, the younger generation of my family organist, organist stays Stanislav Brock Daugovpils music school at Baiba Bethlehem. Taipoš kui vuica vargānspieli also in Jakubpils, Aglyuna, Stabuļnīkūs i also cytvīt. With the organist Baiba īpasazyna i aizaruove, vuicūtīs Juoņa Ivanova Rēzeknis Muzykys vydsškolā, near Jāzeps Vītols Latvejis at the Academy Advise Latvijas … Read more

Three people killed in a fire in a residential house on the Rēzekne side

The SFRS received an invitation to the scene at 13.28 and found that a one-storey house with an area of ​​100 square meters was completely burning, in addition, the roof of the building had been broken and a bundle of half a hectare was burning. Before the SFRS arrived, four people evacuated the building, two … Read more

LNSO will perform in Rezekne with Mozart and Beethoven music program / Day

The first part of the evening will feature Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 23rd piano concert and operas The magic flute overture. In the second part, the LNSO will offer an interpretation of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The soloist of the concert, pianist Arta Arnicāne, is a laureate of sixteen performing arts competitions. The ability to … Read more

Reconstructed sections of the state main roads A12 and A13 have been discovered near Rēzekne

Complete reconstruction of the pavement of the road Jēkabpils – Rēzekne – Ludza – Russian border (Terehova) (A12) in the section from Greiškāni to Greivuļi (96.60–106 km), including a roundabout with the Russian border (Grebņeva) –Rēzekne– Daugavpils-Lithuanian border (Medumi) (A13) (46.91–47.25 km). During the construction phase, the necessary reconstruction works were performed for two overpasses … Read more

Almost a third of Rezekne councilors suspended the term of office due to lack of Covid-19 certificate / Article

Lidija Ostapceva, Vice-Chairwoman of the City Council for Education, Culture and Social Affairs, was dismissed last weekend. Although it was said at the council meeting that Ostapceva had been dismissed that this was her wish, she was confirmed to the LETA council that she did not have a Covid-19 certificate. Ostaptseva’s mandate as a deputy … Read more

In Rezekne, the heat energy tariff will increase from January 1 next year – Economy, finances

As of January 1, 2022, a new heat energy tariff for SIA “Rēzeknes siltumtīkli”, which has been evaluated and approved by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), will enter into force. Consequently, the heat energy tariff in Rēzekne will be 17.35 EUR / MWh higher or 47.42 EUR / MWh and at the same time the … Read more

A bus hit a moose on the Rezekne highway

On Sunday morning, a traffic accident occurred on the Rēzekne highway (A12) near Kūkai, in which the bus collided with a moose, informs VSIA “Latvijas valsts ceļi”. The accident occurred on the 16th kilometer of the Rezekne highway. As the agency LETA found out in the State Police, the accident happened around 6.30 am. According … Read more