Reconstructed sections of the state main roads A12 and A13 have been discovered near Rēzekne

Complete reconstruction of the pavement of the road Jēkabpils – Rēzekne – Ludza – Russian border (Terehova) (A12) in the section from Greiškāni to Greivuļi (96.60–106 km), including a roundabout with the Russian border (Grebņeva) –Rēzekne– Daugavpils-Lithuanian border (Medumi) (A13) (46.91–47.25 km). During the construction phase, the necessary reconstruction works were performed for two overpasses … Read more

Almost a third of Rezekne councilors suspended the term of office due to lack of Covid-19 certificate / Article

Lidija Ostapceva, Vice-Chairwoman of the City Council for Education, Culture and Social Affairs, was dismissed last weekend. Although it was said at the council meeting that Ostapceva had been dismissed that this was her wish, she was confirmed to the LETA council that she did not have a Covid-19 certificate. Ostaptseva’s mandate as a deputy … Read more

In Rezekne, the heat energy tariff will increase from January 1 next year – Economy, finances

As of January 1, 2022, a new heat energy tariff for SIA “Rēzeknes siltumtīkli”, which has been evaluated and approved by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), will enter into force. Consequently, the heat energy tariff in Rēzekne will be 17.35 EUR / MWh higher or 47.42 EUR / MWh and at the same time the … Read more

A bus hit a moose on the Rezekne highway

On Sunday morning, a traffic accident occurred on the Rēzekne highway (A12) near Kūkai, in which the bus collided with a moose, informs VSIA “Latvijas valsts ceļi”. The accident occurred on the 16th kilometer of the Rezekne highway. As the agency LETA found out in the State Police, the accident happened around 6.30 am. According … Read more

Rezekne meat factory starts in the market of vegan products :: Dienas Bizness

Meat processing company SIA “Rēzeknes gaļas kombināts” has started production of products for vegans, the main component of which is pea protein. At present, not only vegans and vegetarians, but everyone plans their menu more carefully, trying to make it as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible, so the company has taken a step in … Read more

In order to keep students in schools of Rēzekne region, the municipality will offer to obtain a driving license free of charge – in Latvia – News

In addition to general education, students of Rezekne region secondary schools have the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical driving skills and receive a category B driving license for the eighth year. Last school year, 64 students took advantage of this opportunity, a total of 22,291 euros was spent from the municipal budget. Until now, … Read more

Sīdza is the first to apply for the Rezekne municipality elections, the first list is still waiting in Varakļāni – BNN

Thursday, July 22, party Consistency Ilona Turka, as the first to submit her list for the Rezekne municipality elections, is confirmed by the chairperson of the municipality election commission. She said that Harmony The list of 21 candidates has been accepted. It is not yet known when other political forces intend to submit their lists. … Read more

Political forces are in no hurry to register the lists for elections in Rēzekne and Varakļāni counties – BNN

Political forces are in no hurry to register the lists for the council elections in Rēzekne and Varakļāni counties, it can be concluded from the statements made by the local election commissions. So far, five political forces have received access rights to work with the candidate list preparation application in the Rezekne Region Electoral Commission. … Read more

The arena of the Olympic Center was solemnly opened in Rēzekne

Residents were invited to gather at the main entrance of the Olympic Center Arena at the solemn speeches and the ribbon-cutting. After the official opening, the event continued in the ice hall, where a symbolic hockey match took place, performances by figure skaters and musicians were observed. Event manager Māris Grigalis took care of the … Read more

“Do you like cocks to smell?” The child’s mother secretly records what happens in classes at Rēzekne special educational institution

Eight-year-old Ervīns from Rēzekne is a child with special needs – he suffers from severe autism. He does not speak but communicates with sounds and writing. Ervīns studies at Rēzekne Primary School-Development Center, a special educational institution. “One day as I approached school to gather the child, I heard from the outside that he was … Read more