“Crazy Rich” from Brebes Gives 19 Motorcycle Units to Succeed in the Pilkades, the Losing Candidate is Awarded N-Max

BREBESKOMPAS.com – Simultaneous Village Head Elections (Pilkades) in the Regency BrebesCentral Java, Wednesday (18/5/20222) in Wangandalem Village, Brebes District, attracted the public’s attention. This was after one of the residents born in the local village, Windu Aji Suranto or who is familiarly called WAS, gave a gift or door prize in the form of 19 … Read more

Totally crazy… Rich man ♥ Kim Jong-un’s ex-boyfriend self-disclosure He liked baseball Family record mate

Photo = Captured from MBC’s ‘Household Mate’ broadcast Actor Kim Jong-un was surprised by the ‘self-disclosure’ of his past love story. In MBC’s ‘Household Mate’, which aired on the 17th, Kim Jung-min, the younger sister, appeared as a daily manager for the older sister Kim Jong-un. As Kim Jong-un’s manager, Kim Jung-min accompanied her sister’s … Read more

Anything you want is free as long as you point it out, take a peek at 5 Weton who can be rich and full of wealth like a Sultan

Sonora.ID – Everyone certainly wants all their dreams come true. Especially if you can be free as long as you point out what you want without having to think long. But behind it all, it needs to be accompanied by unyielding efforts to achieve it. For the Javanese people, there is a belief in Javanese … Read more

Trusted to be rich in benefits and often used as medicine, who would have thought that duck eggs would actually be a disaster if people with conditions like this consumed their lives, which could be at stake! – All Pages

Kompas.com The condition of people should not and should avoid eating duck eggs. SajianSedap.com – Eggs are an affordable and highly nutritious food. So many people regularly eat it by tucking eggs as the main ingredient in many foods. Eggs are commonly found in the market such as chicken eggs and duck eggs. Both are … Read more

Formula 1 | Rossi: Alpine F1 has ‘a rich man’s problem’ with its drivers

Laurent Rossi recognizes that it is difficult to manage a line-up of very talented drivers, while Alpine F1 has Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon in its starting duo, and Oscar Piastri as a reserve. The Alpine CEO notes that it was worse last year, with Guanyu Zhou in the equation. “Last year I had an … Read more

If you see this sign on the banknotes you are rich: “crazy”. PHOTO

Banknotes, unlike coins, have undoubtedly struggled to establish themselves easily mainly due to one main factor: their diffusion was made effective and possible in the West only starting from the 17th century, but it is with the end of the 19th century in ahead of the paper money it inherited a decidedly important power, which … Read more