Death of a student in a drastic ritual. The court punished 18 classmates at the prestigious university

A Belgian court on Friday punished 18 university students for the death of a young man during a drastic admissions ritual to a university sorority. The 20-year-old student died in December 2018 due to brain swelling after he had to drink large amounts of alcohol, fish oil and stand half-naked outside in cold water for … Read more

Religious ritual… Nadine Nassib Njeim celebrates her son, Giovanni | album

The Lebanese singer Nadine Nassib Njeim participated in her audience celebrating the first communion of her son, Giovanni, which is a festive ritual in which the Catholic Church specializes, according to which children are given the sacrament of communion at a specific age, which is after the child reaches the age of eight. Nadine Nassib … Read more

Undergo the Ritual, Husband and Wife in India Behead Alone, Leave 2 Children

NEW DELHI, – A husband and wife in Rajkot district, Gujarat State, India allegedly committed suicide by decapitating themselves using a guillotine-like device. The tool was reportedly made by them themselves. The sub-inspector of the Vinchhiya Police Station, Indrajeetsinh Jadeja, said on Sunday (16/4/2023), that the husband and wife allegedly offered their heads for … Read more

Five young monks drowned during the ritual

The monks belonged to the Dharmalingeshwarar temple and were participating in the fateful ritual in the water tank as part of the Theerthavari festival. According to the information of the diary India Times first one monk drowned and the others drowned trying to save him. They did not estimate the depth of the pond. They … Read more

In France, Gabonese activist Nina Dickambi vigorously pursues her fight against ritual crimes in Gabon – GABONEWS

In France, Gabonese activist Nina Dickambi vigorously pursues her fight against ritual crimes in Gabon April 6, 2023 After Rouen last January, Gabonese activist, Nina Dickambi, reaffirmed on Monday April 3, 2023 in Evreux, a French commune, prefecture of the Eure department in Normandy, his determination to denounce and fight against ritual crimes, a common … Read more

THE BALL – Otamendi reveals ritual on match days (Benfica)

Nicolás Otamendi, Benfica’s central defender, revealed his ritual on game days. «The day before the game I try to rest and sleep well, without going to bed too early, otherwise I wake up too early. For me, the most important thing is the siesta on game day. That is, taking a nap even if it’s … Read more

Divorce is forbidden… Witness strange rituals and ceremonies for marriage in the Mandaean religion in Iraq

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Arabiya channel showed a video report on marriage ceremonies in the “Mandaean” religion in Iraq, which is one of the Abrahamic religions, and its followers follow special ceremonies and rituals that distinguish it from other religions in Iraq. The report stated that marriage and childbearing are obligatory for every Mandaean clergyman. A clergyman … Read more

While in Bali with her lover, G. Aliyeva took part in a purification ritual: “Even tears appeared” | Names

Goda Aliyeva and her beloved Nerijus decided to escape from the cold Lithuanian winter to exotic lands. Before that, the couple visited Thailand, and now they are warming up in Bali. “Probably one of the most memorable experiences on the island of Bali… The purification ritual, after it even tears appeared in my eyes, I … Read more

Medvedev suggests that Japanese Prime Minister commit haraquiri (ritual suicide) for “humiliating himself” before the US – Observer

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggested that the Japanese Prime Minister commit hara-kiri (ritual suicide) as a way to wash away the shame of his meeting with the Presidents of the USA. On Friday Joe Biden and Fumio Kishida were together at the White House. Biden and Prime Minister of Japan highlight alliance between the … Read more