‘She is not pregnant’, says Mr. Tempo by Chiquis Rivera

Cueva was surprised when they told him that Chiquis no longer follows him on social media. “Oh boy, I didn’t know that one”, he said, to later accept that he does not manage his account and does not find out about those things. What he did make clear is that he has communication with her, … Read more

Naya Rivera: They put up for sale the residence where the actress lived with her son United States USA NNDC | USES

The death of the young actress Naya rivera is one of the most shocked in 2020. As recalled, the member of the series “Glee“Disappeared when he was swimming next to his son. She was searched for 5 days before her body was found on July 8 in Lake Pirú, California. There it was confirmed that … Read more

It exploded against his family: Chiquis Rivera outraged by the attitude of his inner circle

Chiquis Rivera decided to close ranks with his younger sister, Jenicka Lopez After the last attitude of her family members who invited her ex-husband, Lorenzo Méndez to an event they organized. The singer exploded against the members of her clan for what she considers a betrayal amid the controversial separation that the two are going … Read more

Pedro X. Valverde Rivera: Brexit: the triumph of Boris Johnson | Columnists | Opinion

I have followed quite closely (considering that I am not English, as well as the natural and obvious geographical and cultural distance) the trajectory of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, brilliant British conservative politician, born in New York, twice Mayor of London, MP , former Chancellor and British Prime Minister since July 24, 2019. His … Read more

Fran Rivera and other celebrities who have been extorted

The “Fran Rivera” case Francisco Rivera Ordoñez, better known as “Fran rivera“, who is most happy with his new television project, He has noticed through his social networks something that has been happening to him through Instagram. An anonymous profile user He has threatened him for “not playing his game”, and is that the individual … Read more

Legendary player Mariano Rivera approached the New York nursing home to stimulate COVID-19 vaccination

Mariano Rivera, legendary closer for the NY Yankees, visited the entrance to a nursing home in Washington Heights to spread some holiday cheer and promote COVID-19 vaccination. The legendary Panamanian, who retired from baseball in 2013, was originally going to surprise the residents of the “Isabella Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care”, but due to … Read more

Five months after the death of the actress, the ex of Naya Rivera returned to acting

Five months after the tragic death of Naya riveraHer ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, had no choice but to get back to his work routine. This Wednesday, the father of glee star announced his return to television in a renowned ABC drama series. Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera were married from 2014 to 2018. The 47-year-old artist … Read more

The ex-husband of Naya Rivera will return to acting five months after the death of the actress

The actor revealed that he will play a character named Eddie (@dorseyryan) Ryan Dorsey is ready to return to his profession and will make his first television appearance since the death of his ex-wife, Naya Rivera. Dorsey, who shares Josey Hollis Dorsey with the late actress, rrevealed on her Instagram account that she will return … Read more

These are the celebrities who have passed away in 2020 | Pau Donés | Naya Rivera | Javier Carmona | Maradona | Chadwick Boseman | SHOWS

Updated 12/06/2020 at 9:56 PM 2020 is about to end and it has been a difficult year for millions of people due to the health crisis that has unleashed the coronavirus pandemic. It is worth mentioning that to this must be added a long list of celebrities in the entertainment world, both foreigners and locals … Read more

Until the last consequences: in the middle of the storm, Kiko Rivera played his best card

In an extremely difficult year for Kiko Rivera, new news regarding his conflict with Isabel Pantoja came to light again. The DJ goes through difficult times with his mother. So much the dj how his brothers decided to hire the services of a study specialized in inheritance, who presented their case in a letter. We … Read more