A school agent, his wife and their four children died in a terrible accident while they were returning from Riyadh to Jizan

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A school agent, his wife and their four children were killed in a terrible accident while they were returning from Riyadh to Jizan. The late Yahya Hussein Khabrani, a school principal in the Al-Jawa Educational Complex, southwest of Al-Ardah Governorate, was returning with his family to Jizan after spending a vacation period. During … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez walks around Riyadh in a sexy dress, and followers: “It is forbidden in Saudi Arabia.”

Last updated Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Georgina Model Georgina Rodriguez is still pursuing her work despite moving to Saudi Arabia with her boyfriend, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and their children. In the past few hours, she participated in a group of photos while she was going to one of the photo sessions, and she appeared … Read more

The meeting is renewed between Muhammad Abdo and the audience as part of the Riyadh Nights sessions… Read the details

The Saudi artist, Muhammad Abdo, renewed his meeting with the audience with an artistic concert that he will perform as part of the Riyadh Nights sessions on March 18, at the Muhammad Abdo Arena. There is no doubt that the audience will enjoy a musical session from the Riyadh Nights sessions in a special atmosphere … Read more

An atmosphere of enthusiasm at the launch of the “Baloot” competition in Riyadh

Its prizes amount to 600 thousand riyals Al Arabiya.net – Nadia Al-Fawwaz Published in: March 11, 2023: 01:03 PM GST Last updated: March 11, 2023: 02:07 PM GST The first day of the “Baloot Tournament” implemented by the General Entertainment Authority at Riyadh City Boulevard witnessed a remarkable competition and turnout in an enthusiastic atmosphere, … Read more

In a “surreal” image in Riyadh.. the “body” is gone, and the “home of joy” remains next to the cemetery

Since its construction, the historic music market in the popular Oud neighborhood in Riyadh has become a haven for great artists of the beautiful time, amateurs, and those who are passionate about arts and musicians, as they turn their faces towards it, as an artistic kiss and an outlet for them, either to meet with … Read more

Riyadh Newspaper | The nobility of the goal is one of the elements of the poem

There is no poem without a goal, and there are no verses without intent. Rather, the purpose and goal of the poem is the first obsession that touches the poet’s thinking and urges him to express poetry. And every goal and destination has its importance inherent in it, and for this reason the purposes vary … Read more

Watch.. Al-Sadhan and Al-Qasabi on the blue gypsum while filming “Tash” in a street in Riyadh

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video clip documented the artists, “Abdullah Al-Sadhan” and “Nasser Al-Qasabi”, while they were riding the “Blue Jamas” in one of the streets of Riyadh, in their latest appearance. And the two artists appeared while they were inside the car, wandering in a street in the city of Riyadh, while filming a … Read more

Video- Muhammad Ramadan escapes from a hotel in Riyadh, barefoot, and this is what happened

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, documented the moment he escaped from the hotel in which he was spending the night in Riyadh, after the hotel management requested the immediate evacuation of the building, as he ran quickly. Ramadan commented on the video clip, saying: “May God protect us.. Running is the text of Jadana,” at … Read more

‘Riyadh Mehres at Vaniyamkulam Ground’; Photo by Manchester City

A picture shared by the English Premier League club Manchester City on social media is now a big topic of discussion among football fans in Kerala. A football ground in Kerala. Many local stars.. among them superstar Riyad Mehres who kicks towards the goal post. This edited picture shared by Manchester City wishing Riyad Mehras … Read more

Ronaldo leaves his hotel suite and moves to his new palace in Riyadh • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The British newspaper “The Sun” reported on sources that the Portuguese professional player in the ranks of Al-Nasr, Cristiano and Ronaldo, left the hotel in which he was staying with his family to stay in his palace in Riyadh. Ronaldo emerged from his suite at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Kingdom Center before … Read more