Mysterious Hepatitis in Children, 2 Studies Find Traces of Harmless Virus AAV2

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Two independent studies of children with liver damage or hepatitis Mysterious Acute in England found a virus called adeno-associated virus 2 in almost all of its cases. The same type of virus was not found in other children. Almost all children with mysterious acute hepatitis also have a gene variant that affects … Read more

Breakthrough blood test detects early-stage cancer | Cancer Detection | KRAS | RNA

[NTD, Beijing, August 1, 2022]A new technique invented by a team of researchers can detect symptoms years before symptoms appear in a patient’s body, using only a blood test.cancer. This will greatly improve the anti-cancer effect of a large number of cancer patients. This technique can detectcancerGeneKRASA special protein that is produced and disseminated into … Read more

RNA Day: what is the molecule famous for the pandemic and what is it for?

This Monday, August 1, is World Ribonucleic Acid Day, better known as RNA, which became famous after the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the research that was carried out and the effort that went into developing vaccines to control the disease that shocked the entire world. It is the “most ancient molecule of living beings”. In … Read more

Italian court orders analysis of anticovid vaccines with messenger RNA from Moderna and Pfizer

The complainant, who has already contracted the disease in the past, is a fifty-year-old who works mainly in teaching and whose activity in Italy is subject to the obligation to be vaccinated. An Italian court, attended by an individual who opposes anticovid vaccination, ordered the laboratory analysis of vaccines with messenger RNA (mRNA), the plaintiff’s … Read more

The Spanish Covid vaccine generates more immunity at six months and less reaction than the RNA ones

The first 100% Spanish vaccine against Covid will be part of the vaccination campaign this fall. In this trust the Hipra pharmaceuticala laboratory traditionally dedicated to animal health that was converted to research on Covid at the beginning of the pandemic. This vaccine is based on a different technology from RNA, it is based on … Read more

No, the messenger RNA vaccine developed by Pfizer does not modify the recipient’s DNA.

The messenger RNA vaccine developed by Pfizer against COVID-19 does not modify the recipient’s DNA, contrary to rumors that are circulating briskly on social networks. Researchers from Sweden’s Lund University have found that vaccine mRNA can transform into DNA, but only in certain liver cells modified in the laboratory and under experimental conditions. The researchers … Read more

Moderna will start a clinical trial of a flu vaccine in Argentina | With the messenger RNA platform

the american lab Modern reported this Wednesday that it will begin, in Argentina, the clinical trial of a anti-flu vaccine (mRNA1010) with a messenger RNA platform, the same one that the pharmaceutical company used for the coronavirus vaccine. With the application of mRNA technology, the company aims to achieve a faster adaptation to strains annual … Read more

Researchers find RNA molecules in the Milky Way

Researchers have discovered key building blocks for life in a cloud near the center of our galaxy. Toxic Nitrilea class of organic molecules, are an important precursor to molecules essential to life on Earth: ribonucleotides composed of nucleobases attached together with a ribose and phosphate group RNA form. Researchers from Spain, Japan, Chile, Italy and … Read more

Messenger RNA: CureVac files a complaint against its rival BioNTech

The German biotechnology laboratory CureVac has filed a complaint against its rival BioNTech, designer with Pfizer of one of the main anti-Covid vaccines. He alleges intellectual property infringement regarding innovative messenger RNA technology. “BioNTech’s work is original and we will vigorously defend it against any allegations of patent infringement,” BioNTech said in a statement. CureVac … Read more

Kanduri, Chandrasekhar – Long non-coding RNA molecules: Studies of their function and therapeutic applications.

Background The development of new cancer treatments, e.g. Immunotherapies have been very successful in recent times. However, many patients with advanced cancer do not respond to these treatments. Lung cancer is an example where about 70% of patients do not respond to immunotherapy. Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, is another example, where 50% of the high-risk … Read more