Fiat: mysterious crossover spotted on European roads [Foto spia]

Fiat would be working on a new compact crossover, judging by a mysterious fully disguised prototype spotted in Sweden while carrying out a series of tests in the snow. Although the vehicle is heavily camouflaged, it looks a lot like the new Opel Mokka and it seems to share the optical groups as well. However, … Read more

Videos of Alfredo Adame’s fight on public roads with a woman and a man

This Tuesday, social networks were filled with several videos showing the discussion and fight of the Mexican actor and television presenter Alfredo Adame in the middle of a public thoroughfare with a woman and a man, who was accompanied by his little daughter. The first images that went viral of the brawl were recorded by … Read more

Closed airport, blocked roads – Snowfall in Istanbul causes chaos

Istanbul airport was closed on Monday due to snowfall in the eastern Mediterranean, causing power outages and traffic chaos. Istanbul Airport is the busiest airport in Europe, and its closure has halted flights from a wide area from the Middle East and Africa to Europe and Asia. At the airport, the roof of one cargo … Read more

Almost all roads closed to Afghans on Dutch evacuation list

It is virtually impossible for most Afghans on the Dutch evacuation list to actually reach the Netherlands. This is apparent from e-mails from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Afghans, which have been viewed by the NOS. An estimated 1500 Afghans are still left behind who are eligible for evacuation to the Netherlands. The … Read more

Accidents and slips through slippery roads

It was very slippery on many roads on Friday morning and that caused a lot of problems for motorists. Accidents occurred in Hedikhuizen, Mill, Tilburg, Roosendaal and Gemert, among others, in which cars collided or slipped. Some people were injured. A child was injured in the accident on the Langenboomseweg in Mill on Friday morning. … Read more

For the first time on Czech roads with a Peugeot 308. How is the aspirant driving for the title of car of the year?

Although car trends are changing, compact models are still among the most popular cars in Europe. That’s why every new compact is carefully monitored. This is especially true for the Peugeot 308, which is currently coming to the Czech market. We have already tested it directly on domestic roads. The new 308 has a difficult … Read more

The condition of the mountain roads cut off by snow this morning, Sunday

The Traffic Control Room reported that the Tannourine Hadath Al-Jabba and Tannourine Laqlouq road were cleared in front of vehicles equipped with metal chains or four-wheel drive, and the Cedar road up to the electric elevator was cleared in front of vehicles equipped with metal chains or four-wheel drive. She pointed out that Maaser Al-Shouf-Kefriya … Read more

Demonstrators block main roads to protest the economic crisis and high prices

Posted in: 13/01/2022 – 14:28 Truck and bus drivers closed major roads in Beirut and other areas in protest against the continuing deepening economic crisis in Lebanon, which has pushed the lira to a crushing collapse against the dollar. The government formed in September 2021 had pledged to begin economic reform, but it failed to … Read more

Traffic, Uver | Several county roads will be closed before the storm strikes

The extreme weather “Gyda” has been announced to enter Western Norway during Wednesday. On Thursday, the contractors were out along the vegans to check that the drains and basins are open. Several county roads will be closed before the extreme weather comes, the county municipality states in a press release. – What we can first … Read more