Jay-Z, Kraftwerk and Tina Turner elected to rock pantheon

Singer Tina Turner and rapper Jay-Z were elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, America’s pantheon of rock and popular music in general, along with German group Kraftwerk, the institution said on Wednesday. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was never reserved only for rock and opened, from its first promotion in … Read more

Once upon a time there was a rock band with Şebnem Ferah … This is how Özlem Tekin was viewed

Özlem Tekin, one of the beloved singers of rock music, has been living on a 30-acre farm in a village of Bodrum Milas for 5 years. Tekin, who is interested in organic agriculture and animal husbandry, spends time with his dogs and organic vegetables he cultivates. The 49-year-old singer, who got used to village life … Read more

Spacecraft return to Earth with rock samples from asteroids

The journey home will take the American spacecraft two years. On Monday, it left the asteroid with between 200 and 400 grams of rock in the hold. The magnificent catch is far above expectations, which was previously set at 60 grams. NASA scientists have been working on the project for years, and for the first … Read more

Little Green Rock in Antarctica Warns of Earth’s Future – All Pages

Christine Siddoway Small green rock found in deep-sea mud, far off the coast of West Antarctica. Nationalgeographic.co.id—A discovery stone small on Antartika carries an important message about the future of Earth, where mankind lives. Stone Little found this is actually a stone the usual. The color is slightly greenish and the longest dimension is only … Read more

Bulgaria hit rock bottom in the price of labor in Europe

At the bottom of the list are several post-socialist countries with hourly labor costs of around ten euros – Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Lithuania. The penultimate is Romania, with an average hourly wage of 7.70 euros. If we take only the industrial sector, labor costs in the Federal Republic are among the highest in the … Read more

Designed by her mom .. a look inside Miley Cyrus’ rock and roll home in Los Angeles

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – When it came time for Miley Cyrus to decorate her 6,800-square-foot house in Los Angeles, which she bought last year, the American singer turned to one of the people who knew her right to know her, namely her mother and business manager. Tish Cyrus. In an exclusive online interview … Read more

Rodolfo García, historical Argentine rock musician with brain death from stroke – Shows

The 75-year-old artist was a key figure in the dawn of national rock in the 1960s and founded the seminal Almendra together with Luis Alberto Spinetta, Edelmiro Molinari and Emilio del Guercio. Later he was the drummer for Aquelarre and Tantor, he collaborated with Litto Nebbia in Nebbia’s Band, he was the percussionist for Peteco … Read more

Reports of sexual harassment and abuse of Venezuelan rock musicians on the rise

This weekend, social networks in our country witnessed a wave of complaints of rape, violence, harassment and sexual abuse of various members of Venezuelan rock bands. It all started with the member of Los Colores, Alejandro Sojo, who had already been denounced on Twitter in 2018 by several young people who claimed “they were abused, … Read more

They discover that a rock that fell in 2018 comes from Vesta, the second largest asteroid in the solar system

A study revealed that the little asteroid that impacted on Botswana, Africa, in 2018, probably came from Vesta, the second largest asteroid in our Solar system and mission objective Dawn of the NASA. Peter Jenniskens, meteorite astronomer of the Instituto SETI, together with an international group recently found 23 meteorites in the depths of the … Read more