Rocket League gets on 26.1. a new event called “Neon Nights”

Home page // Games // Rocket League gets on 26.1. a new event called “Neon Nights” Rocket League – Neon Nights feat. Grimes – (C) PSYONIX Rocket League-Players will soon have more things to do in the game thanks to an upcoming event: the event named „Neon Nights“ allows players to unlock a variety of … Read more

Curry: Kick over the seat is just an emotional release and hope it doesn’t hurt anyone – yqqlm

Original title: Curry: Kick over the seat is just an emotional release and hope that it does not hurt anyone Beijing time on January 23 news, in the Warriors’ last home game against the Rockets, Stephen Curry beat the Rockets with a step back mid-range jumper at the last minute. This is the first time … Read more

US Space Force Launches 2 Monitoring Satellites

FLORIDA – United States Space Force (USA) launched two satellite Northrop Grumman’s surveillance systems, named GSSAP-5 and GSSAP-6. The two satellites were launched on a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas 5 rocket from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, on January 21, 2022. The satellites, named GSSAP-5 and GSSAP-6, are part … Read more

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Successfully Launches 49 Starlink Internet Satellites into Space – Rocket Falcon 9 owned by SpaceX re-launched 49 Starlink internet satellites from Kennedy Space Center owned by NASA in Florida, United States. Launching rocket which was carried out on Wednesday (18/1/2022) went through two stages. The first rocket took off at 21:02 local time. Then, about nine minutes later the propellant rocket landed … Read more

Preview:Curry misses Klay’s comeback, Minnesota Mitchell PK Jokic – yqqlm

Original title: Preview: Curry misses Klay to return to Minnesota Mitchell PK Jokic Beijing time on January 16th news, the NBA regular season continues, the following are some previews of tomorrow’s games: Warriors (31-11) vs Timberwolves (20-22) (09:00) The Warriors have been in poor form recently. They defeated the Bulls 138-96 on the road last … Read more

DPRK confirms rocket fire –

The South Korean military said the missiles were fired from the inland area of ​​North Korea’s Pyongan-pukto province to the east. They flew a distance of 430 kilometers and reached a height of 36 kilometers. The KCNA said a firing exercise had been held to “check and assess expertise in the railway regiment’s action procedures,” … Read more

Horrified, Video of the American Embassy Becomes the Target of a Rocket Attack

Friday, January 14, 2022 – 07:00 WIB VIVA – Rocket attacks again target the Embassy United States of America (USA) in Baghdad, Iraq, Thursday, January 13, 2022. A number of videos circulated on social media, when a rocket shot up sharply towards the representative building of Uncle Sam’s country in Iraq. In the quoted report … Read more

NASA Reveals Major Advances from SLS Rocket Mission

ONE MILLION many years ago, soundtrack famous about the mountain entitled L Islandsuffering in East Africa, probably very similar to what it is today. That’s because a group of tiny, colorful birds have been singing the exact same tune for more than 500,000 years, maybe even a million, according to a new study. Sunbirds in … Read more

Hypersonic weapons. The rocket exceeded the speed of sound ten times

North Korea launched a missile test on Tuesday, which the South Korean military said was more advanced than the one launched in the first week of January. At its peak rocket it has reached Mach 10, ten times the speed of sound. According to the South Korean Chiefs of Staff, the rocket flew 700 km … Read more

Amazing Video Seconds China Launches Artificial Sun Called 5 Times Real Heat, Here’s the Fact

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – China recently created artificial sun whose heat is called 5 of the original. After this news circulated, social media was shocked by the video of the artificial sun being launched. But is the video really the moment China artificial sun melauching? here are the facts. Videos with narration that China has launched an … Read more