Big Brother contestants in Jerusalem in the rocket bunker from Gaza – Politics

Rockets launched this morning by Islamic Jihad from Gaza to the Jerusalem metropolitan area also forced local Big Brother competitors to run into the shelter. Unaware – as the contest rule dictates – of the situation outside the house and the start of the “Breaking dawn” operation by the army, the competitors, the media said, … Read more

NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Rocket to Launch August 18th

The launch of Artemis 1 has taken more than a decade of preparation REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, HOUSTON — Tumpukan Artemis 1 (megaroket Space Launch System (SLS) dan spaceship Orion) will travel approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) from the Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Complex 39B on August 18. This was revealed by the American Space … Read more

LIVE | ‘Putin loses his first female colonel to Ukrainian rocket attack’ | Abroad

00:12Abroad UN: More than 120 killed and wounded in Afghanistan in recent days More than 120 people have been killed and injured in Afghanistan in recent days, the United Nations says. The organization calls on the Taliban to provide greater security for minorities so that they can hold their religious services without fear of being … Read more

China has launched a rocket. She has launched a reusable secret ship into orbit

China has sent a mysterious object to low Earth orbit. According to the brief information provided by the Chinese news agency, it is a reusable ship that is to provide technical support for the peaceful use of space. The Long March 2F rocket took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert … Read more

The US is giving up testing the rocket. All because of China

The case is covered by The Wall Street Journal. This time the missile test launch will not take place due to the military activity of China that is currently taking place around Taiwan. The information was confirmed by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Recall that on Thursday, the Chinese army began the largest military exercise in … Read more

Debris of suspected Chinese rocket in Kalimantan, proves US concern

Sanggau – Metal suspected debris Chinese rocket was found to have fallen in Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan. US scientists’ concerns were confirmed. Two large pieces of iron, which are believed to be pieces of a rocket belonging to China, have reportedly fallen in Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan). National Research and Innovation Agency Team … Read more

There is a code of 85 W and ILE on the Chinese Rocket Flakes that fell in West Kalimantan

Sanggau – Suspected piece of iron Chinese rocket debris reported to have crashed in Sanggau, West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan). The iron flakes were first discovered by local residents. “The one who found the local residents,” said Sanggau Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner Novrial Alberti Kombo when contacted by detikcom, Wednesday (3/8/2022). Novrial said the two … Read more

Debris from Chinese rocket believed to have been found in Borneo | Tech

02 aug 2022 om 15:34Update: 2 dagen geleden Residents of the Malaysian province of Sarawak on the island of Borneo may have found debris from China’s Long March 5b missile on Monday, the local medium said. The Star. This rocket exploded uncontrollably over the Indian Ocean on Sunday evening. By our tech editors A large … Read more

The North Natuna conflict is still heating up, China dares to lie to Indonesia about a giant rocket – China reported to have lied Indonesia, Malaysiaand interested parties about the giant rocket. This can lead to another conflict during a conflict North Natuna still hot. As known, Indonesia now moving to defend North Natuna which is part of China South”>Sea China South. China claim 90% China South”>Sea China The South, however, is … Read more

A piece of Space X rocket crashed on a farm

Image: Brad Tucker For some time now you may have heard about the man-made “space junk” book. In essence, we are talking about pieces of metal from rockets, satellites and their substitutes that can end up falling from the sky and accidentally landing on human inhabited areas. This is precisely what seems to have happened … Read more