Yolanda Rodríguez, proposed as the new director of the MEFP | Ceuta Television | Ceuta News

Almost two months after the resignation of Juan Bosco de Alba, he already has a successor. It is, as has been hinted from the Government Delegation, a woman and a foreigner. Specifically, Yolanda Rodríguez García, a proposal that Salvadora Mateos “has made to the Ministry to occupy the position of Provincial Director of Education and … Read more

Aldair Rodriguez was criticized by journalist Carlos Aleman after the America de Cali vs Rionegro Aguilas draw on date 2 of the BetPlay Colombia League PHOTO

The arrival of Aldair Rodríguez al America from Cali It generated great expectations, both in Peru and in the fans of the Colombian team. The national striker arrived after his outstanding participation with Binacional in League 1, which he crowned with a title, and now he had the possibility of consolidating abroad. After joining an … Read more

VDEO | Now the video shot in Salamanca with the actress Araya Rodríguez is already viral

It was shot in the city by Empata Studios and actress Araya Rodrguez Long ago, I walked fast through these streets ignoring the world and avoiding people so as not to crash. A long time ago I would walk with my friends and we would get together to take pictures anywhere. A long time ago … Read more

Everton: Carlo Ancelotti acknowledged that his team cannot fight for the Premier League title | James Rodríguez | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Not only did they lose the ‘effect’ James Rodriguez, also the surprise and forcefulness factor that led them to the top of the Premier League standings in the early days. He Everton It has started to ‘deflate’ for a long time, to the point that Carlo Ancelotti has practically given up the possibility of fighting … Read more

Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer López separate in 2021 according to José Canseco

The ‘war’ between José Canseco and Alex Rodríguez It is burning and the expeloteros of the MLB They took their eternal rivalry to social networks with serious accusations. Infidelity to Jennifer Lopéz and a possible separation were the last attacks against A-Rod. On March 10, 2019, Canseco made a serious accusation of infidelity with an … Read more

Art and representation | Fernando Vasquez Rodriguez

Diana Corvelle sketchbook. 1 The real. Consistency, hardness, fixity. And, despite this, the real is soft, fluid, it is in motion. The real passes; time incarnates in beings or, better, beings are for time. Last and toughness are analogous. The stone, which seems so immobile, keeps within itself an incessant mobility. The exterior of the … Read more

Carlos Rodríguez, after the storms: “I lost 500 thousand kilos of pear”

As reported by the San Rafael daily, the storms of last week caused enormous damage in much of the department, for example Las Aguaditas, Goudge. Carlos Rodríguez, a producer of peaches and pears in that district, spoke with FM Vos (94.5) and with Diario San Rafael.He expressed that the area of ​​Las Aguaditas is among … Read more

In the shade | Rodolfo Rodríguez Quezada – News, Sports, Gossip, Columns

Between shadows they assure us that Rodolfo Rodriguez Quezada, president of the Mexico Aerospace Fair Committee (FAMEX), created a family business to register the Mexico brand, that seal that is owned by the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur). The General of the Sedena has been one of the figures in charge of convincing since the administration … Read more

Alex Rodríguez could lose a few million of his fortune

Former MLB star Alex Rodríguez could suffer significant losses in his fortune after facing a new millionaire lawsuit. The former New York Yankees player was charged again by his former brother-in-law, Constantine Scurtis, for “racketeering and embezzlement” in connection with a real estate deal in Florida, according to The New York Post. They were both … Read more

Everton’s position in the Premier League after another game with James Rodríguez

Little by little the recovery of Everton in the Premier League. On the day that he had again James Rodriguez in the headline, he won and was 4 points behind first place. When the season started Everton in the league they beat Tottenham (0-1), West Bromwich (5-2), Crystal Palace (1-2) and Brighton & Hove Albion … Read more