Mónica Rodríguez spoke of Marbelle and said that she is an irrelevant character

After the second round of the 2022-26 presidential elections took place, which left Gustavo Petro as president-elect, many went out to ‘charge’ Marbelle for his constant publications and attacks on this politician. But the subject has been so touched on that Mónica Rodríguez had a harsh and direct reaction. (See also: Mónica Rodríguez recounted the … Read more

Andalusian Elections: Olona incites with masturbation and Teresa Rodríguez responds with a phrase from Woody Allen

DEBATE ELECTORAL Macarena Olona took advantage of the last electoral debate held between the candidates for the Andalusian Government to censor the sexual education program in which, as she explains, 10-year-old children are taught to masturbate. ondacero.es Madrid | 14.06.2022 09:34

Christian Meier to Tula Rodríguez after giving her acting classes in the past: “You are my best student” RMMN | SHOWS

Christian Meier remembered that he was the acting teacher of tula rodriguezduring an interview for ‘On everyone’s lips’, where he boasted of having taught the former dancer the techniques of this art. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: Aldo Miyashiro went to the theater to see Érika Villalobos in her musical: “A Beautiful Appearance” “Everything that is … Read more

Marlene Rodríguez revealed the nickname of Indigo, the daughter of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo

Regarding Camilo and Evaluna’s decision not to expose indigo on social networks, the little girl’s grandmother expressed herself in favor of that position. “They feel that, for now, it is better this way. And I totally agree.”he indicated. It happens that the parents were absent from social networks, so much so that until now they … Read more

Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera, who accompanies them in Rome?

Amid rumors and speculation about your relationship, Cynthia Rodriguez y Charles Rivera continue walking his love through Rome, Italy, a destination where they have been seen to be happiest, posing separately from some of the most emblematic places of this destination, such as the Roman Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain, displaying the discretion with which … Read more

Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, the head of the Cali drug cartel died: Escobar’s enemy, managed 80% of the world trade in cocaine

He had been sworn enemy of Pablo Escobarcoming to replace him at the world trade summit of cocaine. the chess player they called him, the chess player, because he always managed to anticipate the moves of enemies and investigators. He died Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuelahead of drug cartel from Cali together with his brother Miguel – … Read more

This is how it was when the daughter of José Luis “el Puma” Rodríguez acted with Catherine Fulop

Liliana Rodriguez is the daughter of the singer and actress Lila Morillo and the singer Jose Luis Rodriguez. She is currently 55 years old and has a very active life on social media. She also sometimes attends the Telemundo program called “Mesa Caliente”. At the last opportunity she spoke of his father. It is public … Read more

From Tennessee and in a bathing suit: the granddaughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez fell in love with everyone

Galilea Lopez Morillo is the daughter of Liliana Rodríguez and granddaughter of Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez who has known how to make his own way away from the artistic world. Despite being born into a family dedicated to the world of music, the 26-year-old works for a real estate company. Galilee He already has … Read more

This is how Cynthia Rodríguez is fired after her departure

Cynthia Rodriguez will come out of come the joy temporarily, because you want to take a long vacation with your partner and loved ones. Cap led us to discover Cynthia’s darkest secrets! It was in our broadcast yesterday, where the woman from Coahuila left some “orders”like the triumph of the Favorite in the Without Words … Read more

Tula Rodríguez on Instagram attends a party until dawn and receives shouts from her father Don Tulo: “Where have you gone?”, video

They caught his attention. the tv host tula rodriguez left behind the conflict she had with the children of her late husband Javier Carmona about the assets that he would have left in his inheritance. Now, the well-known television host, she concentrates on enjoying her life, going out dancing and, above all, sharing quality time … Read more