Tula Rodríguez on working with Maju Mantilla: “I just have to pretend to be funny” | VIDEO On everyone’s lips Farándula NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 07/29/2021 01:10 am The television host, Tula Rodriguez, gave something to talk about this Friday after comparing himself with Maju Mantilla and affirm that it was the “funny” of “On everyone’s lips”. LOOK: Fabio Agostini after the end of the relationship: “With Paula Manzanal I get along incredible, who I buried is Jossmery” … Read more

Tula Rodríguez traveled to the United States and was vaccinated against COVID-19 | VIDEO Instagram Coronavirus In Everyone’s Mouth Farándula USA USA United States NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 07/26/2021 05:06 pm Tula Rodriguez He took advantage of this week – which will have several holidays – to travel to the United States and get vaccinated against COVID-19. The host of “En Boca de Todos” went to the North American country accompanied by her daughter, who was also immunized. This is how … Read more

Daughter of Tula Rodríguez receives the vaccine against COVID-19: “As my mother tells me, everything is for something”

Moved! Through her official Instagram account, the beautiful daughter of the peculiar television host, Tula Rodriguez, He moved all his fans by revealing that he was finally able to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in Miami with his mother. “Always together and in the vaccine too !!! I will tell you how important it is … Read more

Tula Rodríguez suffers an incident with a wardrobe and Tilsa Lozano covers her with her body On everyone’s lips Video Farándula nndc | TVMAS

Lima, July 14, 2021Updated on 07/14/2021 04:58 pm Tilsa Lozano visited the set of “En boca de todos” and dazzled the presenters with her stylized figure. Given all this attention, the driver Tula Rodriguez decided to challenge his colleague in a catwalk duel. The former “Vengadora” did not refuse this challenge and both modeled before … Read more

Silvio Rodríguez says that the protests in Cuba are “prepared and encouraged by the imperial regime”

The Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez said that protests that are taking place in Cuba have been “prepared and encouraged by the imperial regime,” and he argued that the current one is a “moment of defense of the unquestionable achievements” of the island. “I recently stated right here that certain scandals would end when the protests … Read more

Rafael Benitez reveals his plans for James Rodriguez at Everton

The new man in charge at Goodison Park was reluctant to explain where the playmaker’s role was in his plans. Rafael Benitez not interested in James Rodriguez future at Everton, but new boss The Toffees it has been hinted that the former Liverpool manager will sell some of his players as he wants to raise … Read more

La Civil: the inspiring story of Miriam Rodríguez, the Tamaulipas mother who stalked her daughter’s murderers

“La Civil” is based on the true story of Miriam Rodríguez Martínez (Photo: Special) “La Civil” is a film by Romanian director Teodora Mihai that has already generated ovations prior to its commercial release. This film is based on the true story of Miriam Rodríguez Martínez, a woman who was shot and killed outside her … Read more

Tula Rodríguez calls Yoshimar Yotún ‘chancadito’ and the footballer’s mother pulls the driver’s hair | On everyone’s lips | Video | Farándula | nndc | SHOWS

Updated 07/08/2021 01:04 pm As a prelude to the meeting between Peru and Brazil for the semifinals of the Copa América 2021, the driver Tula Rodriguez he referred to the footballer Yoshimar Yotún in the program ‘En Boca de Todos’, where he highlighted the sporting qualities of the player, but at the same time described … Read more

Rumors of Returning to Real Madrid, James Rodriguez Gives a Straightforward Answer: Okezone Bola

MADRID – James Rodriguez open your voice about the issue it relates back to Real Madrid in the 2021 summer transfer market. James also gave a straightforward answer by stating that his time at Real Madrid is now over. James Rodriguez has played down the chances of a return to Real Madrid this summer. This … Read more

Tula Rodríguez: she leaves the set of En boca de todos annoyed after a fight with Yoshimar Yotún’s mother, video

Crazy thing! During the broadcast of On everyone’s lips live, the mother of Yoshimar Yotún was one of the guests. However, no one expected him to end up arguing with Tula Rodriguez and he even pulled her hair in front of the whole audience, but why did he do it? As is known, Mrs. María … Read more