Do you remember the star of the Saudi series (Tash Ma Tash), who was famous for the role of “Brigadier General Asaad Omar Qoli” .. Watch what he does after these years .. And the great shock of why he retired from art!!

2022/01/23 It’s 09:30 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Youssef Saeed Abbas Al-Jarrah is considered a Saudi actor, artist and program presenter, who is best known for his roles in comedy series, including Tash Ma Tash and Jarry Ya Hamouda. Al-Jarrah continued to act for 34 years, before retiring in 2018, to turn to the … Read more

From an all-round striker to a labor role model! How Chandler Parsons Became a Pay Thief – NBA – Basketball

“All the stadium staff, trainers, doctors, coaches, teammates, agents.”“The most important thing is to support my fans, thank you.”“I’m starting to miss those flying days at home and away.”“But I know that I have to move on to the next stage in my life.” On January 19, Taiwan time, former Eagles player Chandler Parsons, known … Read more

Is it true that otters are one of the animals that play a role in suppressing climate change?

Sea beavers © Menno Schaefer/Shutterstock Currently, one of the efforts to overcome climate problems in the air as well as land has been carried out by preserving various things that can absorb and bind carbon, namely by maintaining and restoring the existence of forests and wetlands. These efforts have even been recognized and included in … Read more

Metamorphosed for a role, do you recognize her?

This is…Sofia Vergara. It’s an understatement to say that the transformation of the Colombian-American actress and model is impressive. Anatomical changes for the cinema are therefore not the only prerogative of a certain Jared Leto, unrecognizable in “House of Gucci” and soon also in “Morbius”. Vergara, a former “Modern Family” star and currently an “America’s … Read more

New Chevrolet Groove stands in its role

MEXICO CITY. CHevrolet is determined to conquer new territories and one of the strongest bets it made to achieve this was to restructure its product portfolio and, boy, did it turn 180 degrees, with the departure of old players who seemed indispensable, but in the end they didn’t. they were and the incorporation of new … Read more

Nagana Children is spinning. Hasek will play a role in the film, going to the cinemas on the 25th anniversary of the triumph

But if you are looking forward to reconstructing the breathtaking tournament of the Century or filming the fate of the golden boys, you will probably be a little disappointed. Although the film is called Children of Nagana, from the Czech point of view, the unforgettable Olympics is only in the background of the script. “It … Read more

Corona Virus: The Egyptians, on social media, mock a widespread “cold role”, and the Ministry of Health warns

January 20 2022 The Omicron mutant has become dominant in infection with the Corona virus in Egypt, according to the Ministry of Health. And injuries began to rise, according to official statistics, which citizens say are far from realistic numbers. In the midst of this, the communication sites in Egypt are ridiculing “the role of … Read more

Erik Hayser announces his new leading role: What is it about?

H & M Communications Erik Hayser is one of the stars of the series “Assassin of Oblivion”, available in the United States through the Paramount+ streaming platform The ViacomCBS streaming service, Paramount +, already has the ten episodes of the police thriller Oblivion Killer (Before I Forget). starring actors Damian Alcazar, Paulina Gaitan and Erik … Read more

In the “Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week”… a global summit for energy and the role of youth and women

The activities of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week continue within the activities of Expo 2020 Dubai, with a focus on the role of youth and women towards innovation and sustainability. The activities of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week will continue until next Wednesday, and the activities were launched with the holding of the General Assembly of the … Read more