Edge Exclusive Ends! Microsoft confirms that BingChat will roll out to third-party browsers – Mobile01

Microsoft once announced the BingChat chatbot based on the artificial intelligence model, which has been well received by a large number of users. But for a long time, users can only use BingChat in the Edge browser, which has caused some dissatisfaction. Recently, Mikhail Parakhin, head of Microsoft’s advertising and network services department, finally announced … Read more

When the queen of rock ‘n’ roll was the queen of Ghent for 11 days: “She was a world star, she proved why those evenings” (Ghent)

In 1996 Tina was on stage no less than eleven times in Ghent. — © Getty/Gie Knaeps/Delcampe.net Gent – When they heard on Wednesday that Tina Turner had passed away, many Ghent residents will probably have thought back to 1996. Then the queen of rock-’n-roll also a bit like the Queen of Ghent. Eleven times … Read more

In the “Truck of the Year” competition – an experiment: how far can an electric heavy truck roll on one charge? | Business

Aa A + A – Restore Report an error Therefore, the Lithuanian Journalists’ Auto Club (LŽA), which organizes the competition, decided to check the difference between trucks that are identical but have different power sources: electric and diesel. More about the drag race, in which “Auto Bild Lietuva” editor Vitoldas Milius and racer Benediktas Vanagas … Read more

New Species Dinosaur Fossil Found, This Predator Could Roll Over a Bus

Merdeka.com – Paleontologist from Argentina managed to find a dinosaur with a very long neck. The discovery of this new species of dinosaur came from southern Argentina, in the Patagonia region, on the site of the Pueblo Blanco Nature Reserve. Fossil This dinosaur bone weighs 50 tons and is 30 meters high. Given the name … Read more

“We didn’t make paper, we made money” – the billionaire behind OCB cigarette paper doesn’t know how to roll

What started with a shoebox-sized cigarette case in the 70s has now grown into a $1.7 billion business empire. Don Levin’s billion-dollar cigarette paper business has been growing since the 1970s, but he still doesn’t know how to roll a cigarette. The man who sells the most cigarette paper in the world hung out with … Read more

VIDEO: Frost runs down the back, masses of Ukrainians roll across the countryside before the offensive

Several photos and videos have appeared on social media showing thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and hundreds of tanks rolling through the countryside. The fighting in the east of Ukraine is increasing in intensity, and there is more and more talk of a Ukrainian counter-offensive. Vadym Skybyjskyj, deputy chief of military intelligence, recently spoke about the … Read more

“This is not an excuse, but the ball did not roll across the field” (April 17, 2023) – Dynamo Kyiv from Shurik

Barcelona head coach Xavi complained about the state of the lawn after a draw with Getafe (0:0) in today’s away match of the 29th round of the championship of Spain. Havi “I was criticized a lot, but everyone saw it today. It is difficult to play like that, the ball does not roll across the … Read more

What was left of the first call to Klinsman Ho, ‘Son Heung-min free roll’ is the key

Sports Chosun = Reporter Yoon Jin-man A match evaluation match between Korea and Uruguay was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th. Son Heung-min is sending a signal that it is okay for Lee Jae-seong, who missed the chance. Sangam = Reporter Park Jae-man [email protected]/2023.03.28 Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann focused on identifying … Read more

Roll the windows closed, do not wear jewellery,…: When the USA warns tourists who go to Belgium

Artists are not the only ones to sometimes let loose on cities. A little tour on the United States Department of State website could make you jump. On March 8, the American Embassy in Brussels mentions that the Belgian police have increased their level of vigilance because of a possible terrorist attack in the metro. … Read more