Microsoft is finally rolling out the new version of File Explorer

The new, modernized version of Windows 11 File Explorer is finally available on the Windows Insider Channel, after being in beta for several months. We tell you everything you need to know about this new version. Credit: Microsoft On the latest Preview, build 25174 which was recently deployed on the Windows Insider program, Microsoft had … Read more

Twiinska revealed herself, men are going crazy: The sexy photo that is rolling the Internet!

Twiinska Veronika Nízlová is the mother of little Ney, but her figure is as if she never gave birth. Well-known sexy Slovak woman she is proud of her perfect appearance and most recently she really fired up her fans with a picture in a swimsuit from a vacation by the sea. Veronika is sunbathing on … Read more

Windows 11 build 25169, Microsoft is rolling out a lot of new features, review

For the past few days, a new Preview of Windows 11 has been available on the DEV channel of the Insider program. It offers several new features. The highlights of Windows 11 build 25169 is a new lockdown feature for IT administrators and the new Windows Spotlight theme. This release also includes a good number … Read more

A wave of unbearable heat is rolling through Europe: what effect will it have on the weather in Lithuania

“In the beginning of the day [krituliai] fell in the districts of Telšiai, Plunge, mainly in the western part of the country. Later those rain clouds traveled to the east”, – “LNK News” said Ineta Daunoravičiūtė, forecaster of the Hydrometeorological Service. Kaunas and Kupiškis also received hailstorms, and the next two days are also expected … Read more

First appearance on July 12, 1962 – 60 years of the Rolling Stones – to the day – News

contents Exactly 60 years ago today, a young, unbridled band that almost nobody knew performed at the Marquee Club on Oxford Street in London. It was called the Rolling Stones and had previously only played in garages. The musicians, it is reported, seemed nervous at the very first performance – and received five pounds per … Read more

Rolling Stones: how they chose the name of the band and what it means

60 years ago the first live show of the Rolling Stones. Incredibly, hours before going on stage the band still had no name. How did they choose it? For now, it was not a group choice nor was it very thought out. There are many theories about the name of the famous British rock band. … Read more

Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger’s youngest son Deveraux, 5, is the spitting image of his father (photos)

(c)Instagram @MelHamrick/ (c)BELGA Whether it’s the pout, the shaggy hair, the skinny jeans or the confident “rock star” pose, there’s no doubt that this little boy has inherited not just his father’s surname but his his genes. Deveraux Jagger is 5 years old and looks a lot like his father, Rolling Stones singer Sir Mick … Read more

Another wave of COVID is rolling through Europe: scientists are already worried about a new variant of the virus

“We are seeing a much more intense wave of this disease coming through Europe again,” Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, told a media briefing on Wednesday. “And it will be felt everywhere – we’re already seeing it in Southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean region.” In the last two weeks, … Read more

The fans were amused by the bizarre moment. The referee stopped the kick, the player was rolling

The guests took a luxurious result 3:0 to the rematch. But the clash between the player and the referee came in the eighth minute when the score was 0:0. What happened? The referee remained standing in the corner quarter-circle, which he sometimes does when it is necessary to suspend the play of a standard situation. … Read more

“Hello, pizzeria at Ponte di Corsico? We are the Rolling Stones, will you bring us dinner when we play at San Siro?”

“Hello, pizzeria at Ponte di Corsico? We’re the Rolling Stones, can you bring us dinner for the concert?” The request was very simple, even if very un-Italian: Shepherd’s pie. “Hello, pizzeria at Ponte di Corsico? We’re the Rolling Stones, can you bring us dinner for the concert?” CORSICO – I imagine the faces of Guido, … Read more