Valeria Mazza referred to the rumors of romance between Tiziano Gravier and Juanita Tinelli

Juanita Tinelli and Tiziano Gravier Rumors of romance were sparked after the Para Ti magazine party. The son of Valeria Mazza and the daughter of Marcelo Tinelli were shown together during the gala of the 100 years of the publication that was held in the Versailles Hall of the Hotel Alvear. After that surprise meeting, … Read more

Kamila £ apicka sank into the ground after her husband’s death. We know what he is doing today. All of Poland spoke about their romance

You can read more about the lives of the stars at Years ago, they formed one of the most controversial pairs of Polish show business. When the media found out that Andrzej Łapicki he became involved with a 60 years younger theater expert, the details of their relationship were the number one topic in … Read more

A love horoscope for summer for each zodiac sign. Who is going to have a fiery romance?

Longer days, shorter nights, holidays – lots of opportunities to fall in love. Whether you’re experiencing breakthrough moments in your current relationships or embarking on an exciting holiday romance, the holiday season will make you learn a lot about yourself. Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect in summer. BARAN During the summer, many of … Read more

First Gay Teen Romance Movie

Walt Disney Animation Studios will premiere in November “Strange World” (A Strange World), an animated film that will feature the first openly gay teen romance in the company’s history. Last week, the company was embroiled in controversy following the release of its children’s movie “Lightyear,” a spin-off of the Toy Story saga, which is criticized … Read more

From breakup to divorce rumors… I, who emphasized sincerity, is a solo real romance version of TEN Starfield

«Tae Yuna’s Five Examples»Today, notable entertainment‘I’m Solo’ 6th term Yeongho and Youngja break up → 1st term Youngcheol and Youngsook divorce rumors ‘noisy’ ‘I’m Solo’ / Photo=Photo=ENA PLAY, SBS Plus «Tae Yuna’s Five Examples»‘The era of content overflow’. For readers who are worried about what to watch, reporter Taeyuna and Tenasia will be their ‘entertainment … Read more

A fight because of romance that ends in a man stabbed by a fellow Chinese citizen

Jakarta – Fellow Chinese citizens argue because of romance in West Jakarta. One person suffered a stab wound to the back. The incident took place last Friday (17/6). The victim with the initials XT (33) was initially playing with his cellphone in his office. Suddenly, a colleague with the initials LQ came with a knife … Read more

My chemical romance in Stockholm or how to get to two concerts for the price of a ‘lighthouse’

Two concerts for a ticket worth 43 euros? It seemed like an incredible opportunity. Especially because the millennium teen idols – the group “My Chemical Romance” – performed in Stockholm, and the day after them – the gods of the turn of the millennium – “Korn”. Both groups performed at Stockholm’s popular Gröna Lund theme … Read more

Poland lived her romance! What does Aneta Piotrowska look like today?

June 16, 2022 Aneta Piotrowska after 12 years of absence, she returned to the couch in “Good morning TVN”to share what she is currently doing and what she was doing when she disappeared from the media radar. It turns out that the dancer has never left the world of dance, developing a career outside Poland. … Read more

Chorri Palacios | Dancer talks about her romance with the soccer player after ampay: “We went to the best hotel in Chiclayo” | Magaly Medina | Ruth Medina | Karla Quintana | entertainment

Roberto ‘Chorri’ Palacios is in the eye of the storm after starring in an ampay with the bailarina Ruth Medina in a nightclub in Chiclayo. Although the former athlete admitted having been unfaithful to his wife Karla Quintana; however, he denied that the encounter with the young woman had “gone to the older.” Therefore, the … Read more

There was no romance with a married man: Muceniece proved her case

The actress ensured that the rumors about her affair were officially refuted. Last year, the StarHit edition exclusively spoke about the new novel by Agatha Muceniece. Sources reported that the actress was allegedly dating director Klim Shipenko. It was alleged that they were seen in the box of the theater: the couple laughed, hugged and … Read more