“Thank you for everything” .. FC Barcelona bid farewell to the Egyptian Ali Zain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – On Wednesday, the Spanish club Barcelona bid farewell to Ali Zain, the Egyptian handball star, after the end of his contract with the team, and his move to the Romanian ranks of Dinamo Bucharest. Barcelona club said, in a statement published on its Twitter account, to Ali Zain: “Thank … Read more

Half the team doesn’t even know what happened. I’m amazed that we advanced, Srpová shone

The Czech handball players were clear at the Junior World Championships before the last match of the basic group. They need to win seven goals over the Romanians so that their opponents jump over the score table and advance to the eight-final stage of the championship. And in the end, they met the goal with … Read more

What about Ukrainian grain? Romania is ready to help, but problems have arisen

Romania’s goal is to help the transit of Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea. In the face of Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine and the maritime blockade, the port of Constana turned out to be one of the main channels for the export of Ukrainian goods. Already at the beginning of the war, the Romanian … Read more

France, Germany, Italy and Romania support Ukraine’s EU candidate status

France, Germany, Italy and Romania support the immediate granting of European Union (EU) candidate status to Ukraine, French President Emanuel Macron said in Kiev on Thursday. “We all support immediate candidate status [piešķiršanu]”Said Macron, in a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Romanian President Klaus Johannis.

War in Ukraine: Three Belgian soldiers, deployed in Romania, repatriated after “tensions”

Belgium dispatched last March, following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a contingent of nearly 300 soldiers – mainly from the 1/3 battalion of Lancers (1/3L), a unit of motorized infantry quartered in Marche-en-Famenne – to integrate into a French battalion, called to become a “tactical group” in Romania. The mission is due to end … Read more

Ukrainian war, for the wheat crisis the hypothesis appears Romania: what it is

7/10 © OpenStreetMap contributors A series of waterways acts as a link between the two states and, one of them, is the Canale Bystroewanted almost twenty years ago by Kiev and long opposed by Bucharest for reasons related to the protection of the Delta. Now, however, thanks to that stream the spectrum of the food … Read more

The Czech judge cut us and ran to the cabins, the Slovaks are angry after being eliminated from the championship

Thursday’s elimination of Slovak footballers from the domestic European football championship in Košice had a very wild aftermath. Ladislav Borbély’s charges fell after a 0: 1 defeat with Azerbaijan and then became angry with the Czech judge. In the 39th minute, the Azerbaijani striker fell in front of Slovakia’s goal and the young Czech border … Read more

The Hungarians are growing, but you will not move with orders, says Gudas. The season was buried by the owner’s son

Leo Gudas tried hockey in five European countries as a decisive national team defender after the fall of the Iron Curtain. As a coach, he has already managed to enroll Romania and Hungary in his CV. “I enjoy traveling and exploring new places,” says Radek Gudas, a father of the Florida Panthers. It is in … Read more

INVL fund will invest 120 million in solar power plants in Romania euros

Under the signed agreements, the fund has acquired two companies developing 166-megawatt (MW) solar power plants in Romania, the fund said. “In this market, we see a huge potential for the development of renewable energy projects, and we hope that these investments will not only reduce environmental pollution, but also earn an attractive return for … Read more

Portuguese soldiers ‘surround’ Russian forces. CM follows NATO mission exclusively – War in Ukraine

Two hundred soldiers in Romania, on NATO’s southeastern border, 30 km from Ukraine, and, since Wednesday, another 150 marines in the Baltic country of Lithuania, 40 km from the highly militarized – including nuclear warheads – Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. The reinforcement of NATO to the allied countries to the east, after Russia’s invasion of … Read more