Historic Champions League quarter-final for Haavi in ​​Rome

NATIONAL TEAM TRIO: Guro Reiten (right), Emilie Haavi and Caroline Graham Hansen (right) will probably be in action for their teams in the quarter-finals of the Champions League this week. Photo: AFP, PA Photos og Reuters A number of Norwegian soccer women are in action in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. – Very good … Read more

Not free anymore. Tourists pay to enter the most visited Italian monument

The entrance fee to the originally polytheistic temple dedicated to the ancient Roman gods will not be drastically high. Adults from the age of 26 will pay five euros (120 crowns), visitors under the age of 25 will pay two euros (48 crowns). Children, mass attendees and residents of Rome will continue to have free … Read more

In the video, the Lazio Eagles devoured the wolves of Rome in the capital’s derby

d b a Lazio rose to second place after defeating Roma with a single goal today, Sunday, in the twenty-seventh stage of the Italian League competition. Lazio’s goal was scored by Mattia Zaccaini in the 65th minute, in the match that saw Roger Ibanez da Silva sent off from Roma in the 32nd minute. Roma’s … Read more

Dalma Maradona celebrated the four years of Rome: the moving story about childbirth and a thematic celebration

Dalma Maradona and Andrés Caldarelli (Photos: @dalmaradona) Dalma Maradona celebrated the four years of his eldest daughter, Romaand dedicated an extensive post to her on her social networks where, for the first time, she recounted how the birth was, that March 12, 2019, when she went to a control for her advancing pregnancy, accompanied by … Read more

“Effetto Serra”, Rome in the crosshairs of the referees. And from Trigoria we are thinking of a change of communication strategy

AS ROMA NEWS – Lo clash, very hard, between Josè Mourinho and the referee Marco Serra which took place first on the Cremonese field and then in the Zini locker room heavy repercussions which do not only touch the Giallorossi coach, but indirectly Rome too. That’s what many think even in Trigoria, he writes today … Read more

Rome, Italy. Two military planes collided in the air. The pilots are dead

Two Italian military training planes collided in mid-air during an exercise in Guidonia Montecelio, northeast of Rome. Two pilots died. The exact causes of the event are not known. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni expressed condolences to the families of the deceased pilots on behalf of the government. Canadair hit the slope of Mount Etna. … Read more

Cardinals must also pay rent from now on, says pope

Cardinals and other officials of the Holy See must make ‘sacrifice’ and pay rent, the Vatican reports. The decision should provide more transparency within the church. Pope Francis wants to limit some of the privileges long enjoyed by his cardinals and other dignitaries of the Holy See. For example, he wants to end various real … Read more