Home Wi-Fi signals can be used to spy on people in the room

Wi-Fi signals are not exclusive to the wireless network. As The Economist writes, Pittsburgh researchers believe that using home Wi-Fi, they can determine movement speed, posture, heart rate, and more. In a report prepared by these researchers, they describe how they triggered Wi-Fi signals from a room with Wi-Fi routers. They also used AI, which … Read more

[Made In Korea] I-Sense PC Cafe, a differentiated franchise PC room with patented technology

‘I-Sense PC Cafe’ is the industry’s No. 1 franchise PC cafe with more than 300 affiliates based on 17 years of know-how. It differentiated itself with 11 patents for desks, mice, chairs, mechanical keyboards, and speakers, and took the lead in the industry. By signing MOUs with four major banks, including Shinhan and Kookmin, the … Read more

“Gogglebox”. Agnieszka Kotoska showed the living room. It is dominated by shiny accessories

Agnieszka Kotonska is one of the most colorful characters of the program “Gogglebox. In front of the TV”. A star over the years TTV has undergone a major change. However, she is still a fan of pink and glamor style, which is best evidenced by the decor of her living room. Kwaśniewska made a climatic … Read more

Joao Felix would not want to be in the dressing room with him

Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that Tottenham will sign Pedro Porro from Sporting on a contract until 2028. Porro was also linked to Chelsea for a while before Spurs, but it’s probably a good thing the Blues didn’t pursue the player more aggressively. This is good as it avoids some dressing room animosity between current Chelsea … Read more

The non-playing “Panathinaikas” legionnaire explained why he does not make room for M. Grigonis

The puzzle of Panathinaikos Athens’ lineup is getting more complicated this season. The club has added Dwayne Bacon and is looking for another signing, although they haven’t settled matters with the players they already have. Out of the team rotation Andrew Andrewsas still has a contract with the club. The American is still registered in … Read more

Nintendo Switch sports RPG, an update blocks the way to the “secret room”. The story of hardships was so real, the developer’s frank room-AUTOMATON

Developer Sidebar Games announced on January 30th that the RPG “Sports Story]delivered the latest update. In the patch notes, it seems that the “secret development room” is mentioned and attracts the attention of fans.foreign mediaThe Gameretc. have been reported. *Introductory video at the time of the announcement of the Japanese version. “Sports Story” is a … Read more

Terror, “tryhardeo” and a hotel room: the perfect plan for a Friday on Twitch

Yesterday was a very special day for the horror video game lovers (and for those of us who, like me, prefer to see our trusted streamer play it and have all that tension come to us “filtered”, for the sake of our cardiovascular health). We were all looking forward to the release of the remake … Read more

Mom Wants To Know Why Her 7 Babysitters Quit, She Installs Cameras In Her Daughter’s Room

Erabaru.net. Amanda is a single mother and employs a nanny to take care of her little angel, Meley, while she is at work. His worries got worse when seven of his caregivers asked him to stop. He decides to solve this problem and installs a recorder in Miley’s room, only to be shocked. Amanda had … Read more

Demetrio works at Wehkamp but lives in a cramped room in the middle of nowhere: ‘They earn a lot of money from us’ | The best of the Stentor

Migrant workers complain bitterly about their housing on the Kop van Deelen, between Ede and Arnhem. According to them, it is cramped, noisy and is miles away from shops and other amenities. “Two hours walk from the supermarket with heavy bags.” But whoever leaves also loses his job. Albert Heller, Remco Regterschot 27-01-23, 11:51 Latest … Read more