This is what the fan village in Qatar looks like, where 200 euros are paid per night. The rooms are like a prison with dirty water

The World Cup in Qatar started yesterday, but criticism of this football holiday has been heard for a long time. It’s not just about violation of human rights, whether o problems with alcohol sales, but also about the conditions created for visitors to the championships. And they are not ideal at all. The article continues … Read more

FC Barcelona: New changing rooms and… a new number for Pablo Torre?

El Barcelona A little over a week ago, the new lockers in the locker room of the Camp Nou, but the Catalan club has released a video today of how the changes were made to the facilities. As seen in the visual document, Paul Tower He will wear a new bib soon. On different occasions … Read more

“It’s disgraceful.” This is what the “rooms” look like for fans at the M¦ in Qatar [WIDEO] M¦

The World Championships in Qatar have been shrouded in controversy from the very beginning. Thousands of workers were to die during the construction of stadiums, and the Qatari authorities are accused of corruption and human rights violations. There is also no shortage of dirty games on the part of the sheikhs, because of which the … Read more

Triple the usual number of children are presenting to Ontario emergency rooms with respiratory illnesses. here’s why

Respiratory illnesses are rampant among children, leading to hospital visits and admissions at much higher rates than normal for this time of year, according to new data from hospitals across Ontario. Similar outbreaks are being reported in hospitals across Canada. While no other province publishes so much data on respiratory illnesses, experts say Ontario’s numbers … Read more

unlock rooms and earn rewards in Fortnite!

Welcome to Fortnite: Nightmares Escape Game. Complete tasks from Fortnite Escape Game: Nightmares in-game to escape secret rooms and earn in-game rewards! The Fortnite Escape Game: Nightmares starts October 18 and ends November 1 at 6:59 a.m. (CET). Complete the tasks in Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build game modes. Complete the tasks to unlock … Read more

unlock escape rooms to get in-game Fortnite rewards!

Welcome to the Mindless Nightmare Escape rooms: complete tasks from the Mindless Nightmare Escape Rooms website to escape the secret rooms and get in-game rewards! The Mindless Nightmare Escape Room event will start on October 18 and end on November 1, 2022 at 02:59 AR and 00:59 MX. Complete tasks in Fortnite’s Battle Royale and … Read more

Three hotel complexes, 450 rooms, 2,000 customers per day: how Parc Astérix wants to become “a short-stay destination”

A light mist rises over the Hôtel de la Cité Suspendue. Under the stilts that support the wooden houses, the swamp reminds us that the City of Light, also partially built on a dead arm of the Seine, is only 35 kilometers away. Built in 2018, the wooden bridges that lead from one house to … Read more

Safe consumption rooms and drug checking: the new guidelines on addictions presented by Minister Dadone

After a year of work, initiated by the minister for youth policies fabian Dadone with the National Conference of Genoathe new Piano from Action National addictions (Pand) 2022-2025 is ready to be presented. The date is that of 12 October next, at the unified Conference between the State and the Regions. A plan that the … Read more