After wolf attacks: “I’ll take another route tomorrow anyway… (Inland)

Oudsbergen – First they killed two ponies, the next night a cow. The Limburg Oudsbergen is under the spell of a double attack by wolves. The neighborhood is told by experts that they will not attack people. But many residents are not completely reassured, according to a site visit by our newspaper. “We no longer … Read more

29 people Dutch evacuation list en route from Kabul to Doha | Inland

The people must be tested for the corona virus in Doha and can continue traveling on scheduled flights after a negative result. The ministry thanks Qatar for making the flight possible. Qatar is currently providing flights from the airport. A number of evacuation and charter flights have departed from Kabul since early September. In late … Read more

route and numbers of the race on Sunday 19 September

Everything is ready for the 26th edition of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the Rome marathon scheduled for Sunday 19 September. Departure set at 6.45 am, in via dei Fori Imperiali, after a year of absence from the last marathon due to the pandemic. The route provides 42.195 kilometers that they will cross the most … Read more

Moge Burns on the Mount Bromo Tourist Route Due to an Electric Short circuit

Probolinggo – Big motorbike videos (I can) caught fire on the Mount Bromo Tour route, viral on social media. The spark came from an electric short circuit. The burning motorcycle incident occurred in Sapi Kerep Village, Sukapura District, Probolinggo Regency, Wednesday (15/9) afternoon. The motorbike is part of a group of MOGE clubs from Jakarta … Read more

NAF: A woman intimidated by military training has been addressed, but has refused to use another route

Commenting on the part of the “Namejs 2021” exercise organized by the National Armed Forces (NAF) during the weekend’s video, which gained rapid popularity on the Internet last weekend, during which a soldier harassed a woman with a child passing through the training site, the NAF states that the woman has not been has chosen … Read more

18-year-old dies after jumping on the expressway

Posted on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 5:37 p.m. Traffic is currently closed in both directions … What happened this Sunday afternoon at the tunnel roundabout near “McDonald’s” in Mouscron? The famous white and red tarpaulin deployed on the asphalt of the expressway, in the direction of Dottignies towards Kortrijk, does not in any case … Read more

a young man committed suicide on the Express route this Sunday (Mouscron)

It is not possible to go in both directions, under the so-called McDonald’s roundabout / tunnel, this Sunday afternoon. EdA A young boy died after jumping from the McDonald’s roundabout this Sunday afternoon. The firefighters and the police of Mouscron – including the chief of the zone, Jean-Michel Joseph – intervened in the middle of … Read more

2.6 million euros high-speed taxiway maneuvering route unveiled at airport :: Dienas Bizness

The second fast taxiway, built with the support of the Cohesion Fund (CF), has started operating at Riga Airport, according to representatives of SJSC Riga International Airport. This makes it possible to shorten the length of the aircraft’s runway for departure from the runway and the maneuvering area. This will reduce the amount and time … Read more