Masák in Ruhpolding was won by JT Bö. Krčmář finished twenty-third after three mistakes – ČT sport – Czech Television

WC in biathlon in Ruhpolding (Germany) – races with a mass start: Men (15 km): 1. JT Bö 36:12.0 (3 tr. circuits), 2. Christiansen -19.3 (2), 3. Laegreid -35.3 (2), 4. T. Bö (all Nor.) -36 .4 (1), 5. Jacquelin (Fr.) -49.7 (2), 6. Strolia (Lit.) -55.6 (1), …23. Krcmář (CZ) -2:23.5 (3). Current order … Read more

Masák was completely taken over by the Norwegians. The innkeeper made three shooting mistakes and broke his wand

The race intended for the thirty best men in the cup classification was started very quickly by the Norwegians. But when they had to go to a penalty round after the initial lie, the French trio of Fillon Maillet, Jacquelin and Claude got ahead. But it soon paid for mostly inaccurate shooting. Biathlon phenomenon J. … Read more

Norwegian victory at the relay in Ruhpolding – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

With blue sparkling cheeks, the Norwegian relay girls were very happy in the mixed zone after the relay victory in Ruhpolding. Because there was a thought behind the glitter. – We thought that if this happens today, it might be because of the glitter, Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold tells NRK. But it wasn’t just the biathletes … Read more

Italy’s men’s relay shows in Ruhpolding – biathlon

Patrick Braunhofer showed a strong race. © Al Tielemans / Al Tielemans for YIS/IOC Italy’s men’s relay delivered a tremendous performance at the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding. 13 January 2023 From: dl The Azzurri, who once again had to do without the injured Lukas Hofer, achieved their best result of the season with fifth … Read more

Catastrophe. The most scandalous biathlon race, whisper the commentators in Ruhpolding

Due to the power outage, among other things, the giant screen in the area, as well as the lighting of the shooting range, went out, but television viewers also lost images. Even TV2 commentator and sports legend Ole Einar Björndalen threw up his hands in frustration as the screen went black. “And everything is gone. … Read more

The innkeeper hesitated on the last item, the organizers and competitors experienced a shock

The race was affected by power outages in the area, after which the timing graphics and television broadcast did not work for several minutes. Despite two penalty minutes, overall leader Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bö won to claim his 60th anniversary triumph in the series. Second was Sjaestad Christiansen with one mistake on the Vetle shooting … Read more

Johannes Bö also ruled the individual in Ruhpolding. Krčmář lost his medal with one shot – ČT sport – Czech Television

WC in biathlon in Ruhpolding (Germany): Men – endurance race (20 km): 1. JT Bö 48:48.4 (2 penalty minutes), 2. Christiansen (both Nor.) -9.9 (1), 3. Fak (Slovenia) -29.3 (0), 4. Laegreid (Nor.) -42.8 (1), 5. Giacomel (It.) -47.6 (1), 6. Doll (German) -56.3 (1) …8. Krčmář -1:27.7 (1), 45. Štvrtecký -5:02.6 (4), 63. Václavík … Read more

BIATLON ONLINE: Krčmář and spol. they are going for more points. There has been a change in the Czech team

Three other Czechs will also be at the start: Jakub Štvrtecký (number 22), Adam Václavík (52) and Vítězslav Hornig (85), who was included in the nomination for the upcoming part of the World Cup instead of the ill Jonáš Mareček. Except for the native of Jilemnice, who will take part in the first World Cup … Read more

Tired Davidová predicts the shooting lottery, Mareček was replaced by Hornig

Except for the native of Jilemnice, who will take part in the first World Cup races of the season, the composition of the men’s team remained the same as at the previous races in Pokljuka. The leader is Michal Krčmář, other members are Jakub Štvrtecký and Adam Václavík. The women’s nomination remained unchanged, Markéta Davidová, … Read more

Bravo! Markéta Davidová takes bronze from the world championship, Mikyska world champion

The winner was Dorothea Wiererová, the winner of Friday’s supersprint, in which Davidová was fourth. The Italian beat the home German Denise Herrmann by 9.4 seconds, David was 30.9 seconds behind. “I’m very happy for the shooting time. It could have been at least one mistake less, but I think it wasn’t bad,” said Davidová. … Read more