Jacek Jaśkowiak on the Djokovic case: “Australia is a strong rule of law (…) On the other extreme, we have Poland under the rule of the United Right

Added Monday, January 17, 2022, 07.35 The Mayor of Poznań spoke about the decision of the Australian court that ordered tennis player Novak Djoković to leave the country. It was decided that the presence of unvaccinated Djokovic in Australia “could cause public anxiety” hence the decision to deport. Jacek Jaśkowiak could not pass by such … Read more

Russia does not rule out the deployment of troops in Latin America

According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, military experts present various options to the Russian president in case the situation around Ukraine worsens. “But diplomacy needs to be given a chance,” Ryabkov said. Asked if Russia’s military infrastructure was being considered in Venezuela or Cuba, for example, he said: “I do not want to … Read more

“I don’t care about Manchester United for 6th!” C Lang is dissatisfied with Manchester United’s record and does not rule out playing in Brazil

“I don’t care about Manchester United for 6th!” C Lang was dissatisfied with Manchester United’s record and did not rule out playing in Brazil Manchester United’s performance this season is lackluster, and the results are not as expected. The ace C Ronaldo is even more rumored to be born. The Portuguese football king was interviewed … Read more

The Djokovic case reminds us that the rule of law still exists

The grotesque Australian story of tennis player Novak Djokovic is an excellent opportunity to take stock, after two years, of the effects of the pandemic on what we call – with some effort of optimism – “the rule of law”, understood as a social organization governed by rule of the law applied by third party … Read more

Biden: “Changing the rules in the Senate to protect the right to vote” – World

“The Senate must vote laws to protect the right to vote and restore the Voting Right Act of 1965, and we must get rid of the filibuster”, the so-called ‘filibuster’ that the opposition can appeal to ask for a law to have at least 60 senators in favor “, said Joe Biden.“I support the change … Read more

Biden wants to change the filibuster rule in the US – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The so-called filibuster rule is part of the rules of procedure in the Senate, which govern how debates and votes are to be conducted. The rule is controversial and means that debates can be delayed in time to prevent the case from reaching a vote. The rule says that it is not possible to speak … Read more

European Court of Auditors: EU money for the rule of law in the Balkans leads to nothing

The EUR 700 million that the EU has invested in improving the rule of law in the Western Balkans in recent years has been of little use. According to the European Court of Auditors, there was a lack of political will on the part of Balkan countries and a lack of commitment to the EU. … Read more

end of isolation, the rule changes in Tuscany

The president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, has modified his latest ordinance (already signed and in force as of today, 10 January) on the tracing and management of positive cases, the general contents of which were anticipated last weekend. If within 24 hours of the attestation of negativity of the rapid antigenic swab or … Read more

Reasons Chinese Women Reject Xi Jinping’s Rule to Increase the Number of Children

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Some women in China do not want to have more than one child. The reasons range from the high cost of raising children to the decision to be single. This is contrary to government policy which recommends every couple to have three children. One of the industrial workers in downtown Changsha, … Read more

Halal Swimwear To Women, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Becomes in the Spotlight With a Series of Rules

KABARMEGAPOLITAN.com – Crown Prince Saudi Arabia that is Muhammad bin Salman become the world’s spotlight related to rule–rule which he made after he occupied the seat of power in place of his father. Muhammad bin Salman aspire to change Saudi Arabia get better with a line rule which he created in the 2030 vision he … Read more